Voices Out of Nowhere

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Chapter 5: trouble, and partial success.
(by Blake Tracy, added on 18 April 2012 11:52 PM)

That year, a few days after Christmas, was the next time I tried. Every year, my family makes a gingerbread house for christmas. That day, I was just in the kitchen to get a glass of milk, but the gingerbread house was just sitting there, taunting me. I had to get some. The rules of my house at that age were that I had to ask my mom before I took a snack out of the kitchen. I was about to eat dinner. I knew what she would say, but all I wanted was a hershies kiss off the gingerbread house. I carefully pealed one kiss off the house. I hadn't seen the fact that it was about to fall. Just as I turned away, the whole gingerbread house fell. Luckily none of it hit the floor, just the box, and a lot of crumbs. Not so luckily, Mom heard the crash. She came running to see what fell. She saw me picking up the house.

"Were you sneaking that?" she asked.

"N-N-no?" I lied.

"I see right through you. You were sneaking candy, and it's almost dinner time, and you knew it. And you didn't ask me."

Desperately, I tried to use the gift. I closed my eyes and concentrated with everything I had. I thought to myself over and over again: Say "I'll let you go."! "I'll let you go."!

Mom seemed confused. "I...I'll...I..." she stammered for a second, then I failed. "Time out." she said. I protested and tried again, as any seven-year-old might, but in the end, I got fifteen minutes. Well, it was worth a try, wasn't it?

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