Voices Out of Nowhere

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Chapter 1: Introduction
(by Jonathon, added on 11 February 2009 03:31 AM)

Nobody believes what I am about to say. At least, nobody believes it right away. What I am about to tell you is bizarre, impossible, and absolutely true.

I can make anyone say whatever I like. But I can do it to each person only once, and it lasts for only a moment.

I don't know how or why I have this ability. There is nothing else at all remarkable about me, and my mother has emphatically denied that we are descended from elves.

Over the course of this story I shall tell you many things: how I discovered my strange talent; how I have used and abused it; and what I have learned about the nature of truth.

I regret many of the following incidents, but please do not judge me too harshly. I was only a child when this all began. The ability came to me long before I had the maturity to wield it responsibly. And as for the incidents that have occurred as lately as this past weekend, I can say only that some opportunites are simply irresistible.

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