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Chapter 5: Reflection of Blackmoon
(by NativeRose, added on 20 December 2008 12:31 AM)

Melody just couldn't sleep, and she knew she'd have a terrible time in school the next day. Still, she had to go through with this. As her thoughts turned from her own arrival at Rosewood to Rowena's troubled beginning here, she realized she would best be able to help the girl after she learned the background.
Melody quickly scanned the hall and found it empty. As usual, Becky was lounging in the sitting room watching television. Some house mother, she thought, as she silently slipped out of the dorm corridor. She quickly made her way to Mrs. Donne's office and found Rowena's file. She knew what she was doing wasn't exactly model, but this was the only way she could get the information. She deftly unlocked the filing cabinet and removed Rowena Blackmoon's file. She stood transfixed as she read by the light of her trusty flashlight.

The police and coroner's reports revealed just how black Rowena's beginning was. Anabelle Blackmoon was murdered by Rowena's father, Eric. When he was arrested, he shot and killed a police officer, and he was killed in self defense. What could police do when this deranged man was spraying bullets throughout the bar where he had been found? the only reason Rowena escaped the same fate as her mother was because her maternal grandmother had been baby-sitting her when Anabelle was murdered. She was truly orphaned even before her birth, because neither parent had wanted her. The coroner's report said Anabelle was killed by blunt force trauma. There were puncture wounds all over her body; she had been stabbed six times in abdomen, chest, and her arms and legs had been cut to ribbons. And as she lay there in agony bleeding to death, she was bludgeoned with a hammer! Rowena was bounced around from one family member to another. The state couldn't get involved since she lived on the reservation. Or maybe it was that tribal authorities didn't want to get involved. After all, what was a Native American baby worth? This final statement was the first bitter thought to bring Melody to the present. An Indian baby wasn't worth anyone's real time, effort, love? What unspeakable, horrendous acts had taken place prior to her placement at Rosewood? Melody was determined to show this precious child that she, loved no matter what. "I have been so blessed," she said softly as she made her way back to the dorm. "I was born out of love, but this child was the product of rape. My mama and daddy were killed by seemingly accidental means, but this baby's parents were murdered! My parents were delivered into the hands of a merciful God in whom they believed and put their faith. It's unlikely that Rowena's parents were believers. The reason I'm here is because Papa and Nanna were too ill to care for a child. No one in her family wanted her. I grew up knowing a God of love and the love of a mother, and she has been surrounded by drugs and alcohol. Thank You, God, for bringing us together. I'm going to do my best to care for her just as she deserves." She vowed this as her eyes finally closed in sleep.

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