No Family for Christmas

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Chapter 3: Just Like Mommy!
(by NativeRose, added on 19 December 2008 03:35 PM)

Rowena stared into her bowl of stew. She tried so hard not to cry. That girl Patricia lied, and she would surely get Rowena into trouble! She hurriedly finished her meal so she could go back to her room. She thought to slip from the room unnoticed, but that was not to be.
"Your room is right next to mine. Come on, I'll take you." An older girl took Rowena's hand as she spoke.
"I'm Melody, and I'm thirteen."
"Oh, thirteen is big!" Rowena started to pull away. She'd known big people before. They were rough and mean and didn't care that she couldn't fight back. But now she couldn't stop the tears. This was not helped when ten-year-old Patricia marched past the two girls.
"What a baby!" Patricia sneered.
"Oh, you're just mean!" Melody called after her. "Don't forget what your first day here was like!"
Rowena was surprised when Melody released her hand and knelt down to embrace her. What a strange sensation! Somehow Rowena knew she could be safe with this girl. This was what someone told her having a family would be like. Still, what if they put her out on the street other families had done?

Melody picked up the sobbing child and carried her to her room.
"Don't worry about Patricia. She just has a hard time with--"
"But she's mean!" Rowena screamed. "Well, what she said isn't true. You're not a baby. It's just your first day here, and you're scared. Everything will be all right. I will help you." Wow...Rowena had never known such kindness in her four years of life. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad.

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