No Family for Christmas

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Chapter 15: all change at Ashlyn Heights
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 05:53 PM)

siera had a plan.. she had learnt of miss becky's ill treatment from the other staff, and by her chance meeting with her just now, she knew it couldn't have been a nice atmosphere to grow up in.

so that afternoon, she called a meeting with amy, miss canterbury, and the other staff.

" we should take the kids out," said siera. " you know, a christmas treat... i'm pretty sure they've not had a treat since miss becky's been running this place, and i want to make things nice for them. "

the other staff agreed, and it was eventually decided that their would be an oppotunity to visit the local zoo. siera would run the trip for those who wanted to go, and those who didn't want to for what ever reason, would stay behind with miss canterbury. their was a couple things to get organised, a bus, the most important, lunches, and also numbers of people that were actually going. but siera told the staff not to get the kids hopes up yet, as it may not be possible. she'd have to look in to see if it can be done. but still, they all agreed it would be a great idea.

that night, it was the midnight feast in Ashlyn Heights. as promised, melody came in with a lot of food for the girls. rowena stared at it and asked " all for me?"

" not all of it", said melody, " we have to share. "

it was a pleasant evening, not just because of miss becky's departure, but because it gave the girls a chance to have a bit of fun, and a chance to enjoy themsleves.

little did they know, however, that things wouldn't last this way- and miss becky was not totally out of their lives. while she'd left, it was not for the reasons that everyone thought and she would soon be back to cause trouble. but for now, the girls thought, let's enjoy our freedom.

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