No Family for Christmas

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Chapter 1: The Orphanage
(by Lindsay Cowell, added on 18 December 2008 03:54 PM)

It was a dull day when Rowena was taken to the orphanage by Social Services. She was really scared, she didn't know anyone. She wore black trousers, a black teeshirt and black boots. She was greeted by Mrs Donne, a kind friendly woman in a white dress, white blouse, white shoes and a white cap. "Are you Rowena?" she asked, "welcome." She took Rowena's hand and guided her into the orphanage, which was a six-storey skyscraper. She led her to the third floor, to a small cubicle which was the sixth on the left along the corridor. "This is your room," she said, "tea will be in half an hour." "Who will take me to tea?" asked Rowena, "I don't know where to go." "Patricia will collect you," said Mrs Donne, "see you at tea."

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