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Chapter 11: Creative Power
(by NativeRose, added on 5 January 2009 06:19 PM)

Kennan and Brynn shared more than the teaching of the art therapy class. They met in this way, but the bond soon deepened. Their relationship was always professional during the class, but anyone who saw them outside the classroom knew of their deep, abiding love.

Brynn led Rowena into the classroom. She surveyed the group. Patricia and Janae were the girls who were enrolled in the course. They were having difficult adjusting, though they had all been at Rosewood Terrace for quite some time. She noted the two boys, Cade, five and Jason, seven. Kennan was also there, but then Brynn noted a third person.

Andra, the psychologist, had suggested that these specific students become involved in the art therapy. She wanted to see what Brynn and Kennan did with this group.
"It's yucky!" Jason's loud proclamation brough Brynn to the present rather abruptly.
"what's wrong?" she asked quietly.
"I hate this!" He thrust his painting at her.
"but it's beautiful. What were you thinking about when you painted this?"
"My mommy," Jason muttered as his lip began to quiver. Brynn retrieved the crayons, as drawing seemed to be Jason's favorite expressive medium.

Rowena looked at all the people around her. She knew some of them, but she hadn't seen anything like this before. Those big people talked to each student, and they were all given things that would help them.
"Would you like to start with clay I have some that smells like strawberry!" Kennan offered a piece to her.
"I would like you to make something that tells me how you feel today." What? How was she supposed to do that? what exactly did that mean, anyway? What if she didn't know how she felt. She was still scared, but there were people who were really nice to her. Still, could she trust these people? She made a snake shape and then twisted it. Brynn was circulating throughout the classroom, and when she came to Rowena, she asked about the sculpture.
"I'm mixed up! This place is scary," she explained.
"I know. It's hard to get used to new places, especially when you don't know anyone. Do you like it when Melody helps you?"
"Yes. She always smiles, not like Miss Becky. She's mad all the time. She's mean."
"She doesn't understand how hard it is. You won't be alone in this scary place. We like you and want to help you. That means we want to read bedtime stories and check for monsters, get snacks and get ready for school, and we want to play with you!" Brynn had a nice smile, too. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad.

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