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Chapter 3: Being Blind
(by Jonathon, added on 11 February 2009 01:22 AM)

In the groups, people sometimes ask me "What is it like to be blind?" No matter how sad I am, that always makes me laugh.

Most people are blind, after all. They pass others on the street without saying hello, without seeing them, without caring. They fumble through life seeing things only from their own perspective, oblivious to the needs and pain of others.

When you think about it, we're all the same. We were born on this planet without asking for life, and soon we'll die. In the meantime, we mostly look out for ourselves.

Yet we never seem to really see one another. Our society embraces competition, as if life is a struggle against every other person on the planet; as if we're all enemies. But, are our lives really better if others have less? If we hurt others more than they hurt us, does that mean we win?

It's funny how the most obvious things catch people by surprise. "I had no idea my husband had been cheating on me for years," someone says. Or "He was such a quiet man. Who would have thought he was angry enough to kill?"

What is it like to be blind? Ask a capitalist. Ask a bully. Ask someone who has no idea her daughter wants to die.

In the groups we see each other. But what happens when we leave? When the sharing is over, and you're out on the street, do you see any of the people you pass? Don't forget: You won't see if you don't look.

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