Beating hearts

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Chapter 2: Will it be a fate?
(by Sandra, added on 18 November 2009 06:16 AM)

Sarah stares at her clock as she tries to get up. Having 4 hours of sleep wasn't enough for Sarah especially on Saturday.She walks up and stares at the mirror and finds herself with a big buffy hair that she barely recognized it was her hair.
She slowly walks into her bathroom and slowly brushes her teeth. After she comes out of the bathroom, she goes into her closet and find pink shirt with a blue jean skirt. She was ready.
She takes her red mustang and drives to the Palm Beach. She walks towards the water and slowly sinks her feet into the water. The water was still cold. But she liked how the water crashed into her feet. She tries to go deeper to feel the coldness up to her thigh. It was cold. Very cold. As she tries to slowly bring her legs out of the water, one boy at the beach pushes into the water.
Oh oh.
Sarah couldn't swim.
She tried to scream for help but no sound came out of her mouth.
She's trapped.
"I'm dying..." she thought.
She was desperate to get out and was sad to see her life in front of her.
It was not until someone grasp Sarah out of the water and Sarah believed it was God who helped her.
Or was it somebody else?

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