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Chapter 4: The stupid act
(by Sabrina Fagerheim, added on 13 May 2008 09:46 PM)

Now this was done. The school begun, and i was happy at the bbeginning. It started after a month. I was not allowed to play with the other children. I was not allowed to go annywhere alone. I wasn't even allowed to walk on the curb on my own. Martin brought me up to the atic, and we "hunted fake ghosts" instead of playing with the other children. That wasn't the worst. I got books in the first grade. I was also allowed to eat in the dining area too. I remember that Martin did everything to make me do as he wanted. If i didn't want to work, he pushed my chair against the table, so i couldn't breathe. I was cked up several times too. He threw chairs at me when he was angry, blamed me for a lot of things, destroyed my body and soul. He even threw heavy chairs at me. I never told mum annything. Everything would have been allright if i had been allowed to wait a year with school.

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