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Chapter 2: growing up
(by Sabrina Fagerheim, added on 5 December 2007 01:25 PM)

I was a wonder child. I was totally perfect. I could do everything. Children are forbidden to go up the stairs. There was a fence that should prevent me. I was an intelligent little child. I managed to climb over the fence. I went past five fences, and then they gave up. One fence looked like a sun. One of my secrets (I remember it all) was when I climbed over the third fence. It was a normal fence. It was above the first step (a way to ask for problem). A fan was on the other side. I managed to get on the little bit of the first step. I got onto the bottom pin, and then climbed with my toes around the bars. I threw my right leg over the fence, and stepped on the fan. I put the other leg over the fence. It was done! I just crept through the sun fence. Many people came to film me. I ate properly (knife, fork and spoon), I went outside, and I could do everything. I was permitted to be in the garden. There were fences all around it. I looked for a way to get out of it; it was too high to climb. We had a cat named Simon. He showed me how to do. He lifted the rope, and I could run out. It was done! Id found the secret. I crept through it once too.
Mum helped me learn how to play. No other blind child in my age knew how to do. I was ready for the school.

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