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Chapter 1: the beginning
(by Sabrina Fagerheim, added on 5 December 2007 01:01 PM)

I was born in 1991. I was born a month earlier than I should. I had jaundice, the kind that many babies have. Mum wasnít allowed to give me milk the normal way. She had to pump it out. I didnít get any raw milk either. The nurse said that it was so little and that she should just throw it away. I was put in an incubator. I was very sick. There were feeding problems with me too. I got food from a machine with some faked milk. They didn't give me enough. When they realized it, they set the machine on too high, and it was too much. It bubbled up, filling my cheeks. I could have died, could have got it in the lungs or in the windpipe. I came home on Christmas. The doctors found out that I was blind. They didnít tell mum and dad at first. They said it would work with glasses. Sometimes I wish they were right. It was hard to see if it worked or not. I never crashed. They found out that it didnít work. I donít know how they found it out, but I know they did. Mum saw the world in another way. She showed me everything, even the pictures that I couldnít see. She told me who was on them. Some people said it was crazy. Many pitied me and the rest of the family. The tests were nightmares. I should take a hearing test. The nurse was playing some tones. She expected me to look towards the speaker that the music came from. She pinched me in the cheek, and I started crying.. mum went angry with her.

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