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Chapter 2: The Reader
(by Hypatia, added on 8 March 2009 03:24 AM)

Two sharp blasts echoed through the church where Joey was pouring out his heart in his
diary. He jerked to his feet in surprise and it fell of his lap, sending the slate and styllus he was writing with flying into the air.

"get down! get down! get down!" a deep man's voice barked at him and, without thinking, he flung himself on the floor and rrolled under the pew. As he lay there, barely able to breathe, all he could hear was the sound of his styllus rolling along the floor. When it finally came to a stop, he let out a sigh of relief, not even knowing why. Surely whoever was there had already seen him.

Moments later he heard footsteps coming toards him. Joey could feel his muscles tense, his teeth clench, and sweat beginning to roll down his face, even though it was already September and a cold September at that.

The footsteps stopped, what must have been a foot or so from Joey's face. He heard something being slid along the floor and then a sound like rough fingers moving lightly across paper. 'My diary?' he thought. It couldn't be. Nobody who sounds like that could possibly read braile.

"Pathetic." muttered the same deep voice that had been yelling at him moments before. "Absolutely pathetic."

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