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Chapter 1: Why Bother?
(by Holden, added on 26 June 2007 10:26 AM)

Why bother? These things, this constant pool of slush I call my life is getting dull. Everyday I add to a diary which seems to grow in size but not in what I've learned. I wrote my last entry earlier. I decided to throw it out to the dogs, since I wouldn't be finishing it. I daresay it'll make them sick, eating my diary, because my brain is full of poison. Often times, I sit alone and think back on what was, what is now, and still what, in the end, must come to be. I wonder if maybe the sky isn't blue. I mean, people tell me it is, but I'm just a poor blind feller, you dingdongs could've been lying all your sick, messed-up lives. I mean, who said anyone in this Godforsaken world could be trusted anyway? No one! Absolutely no one! You want to know why? Because the world is an awfull place, run by awfull people, with nothing better to do then sit on their fat rear ends and critticize, critticize, critticize. Well, Mom and Dad, maybe I'm tired of your complaining. Maybe I'm tired of your griping about the whole danged world and everybody in it. So I think it's time for me to go.


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