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Chapter 6: back to the drink
(by a writer, added on 13 September 2007 11:18 PM)

as i was washed in the coca cola, and the alcohol from last night, i thought how horrible it would be if i couldn't get out, if i had to live in my friend for ever. but, i was sure i would get out when i wanted too. i decided to have another wander around, so i set off again, down tunnels. it was rather strange to feel my friend walking, with me stuck in his belly. i wandered all day, knowing he would be back to the public house tonight, and i was right. at 7 pm, he went in, and said 4 pints of brown ail please, he was starting again, drinking, while i was in there. down it came, on to me, loads and loads, until i had to swim. he was there for 6 hours, getting drunker and drunker, and i was suffering, all the beer washing over me. then, up he got, wabbling, and swaying, shouting drunkenly. i was plunged up and down if the fatty beery mess in there, it was horrible, but interesting. his stomach was huge, with lots of tunnels to explore. so, down another one i went, straight in to a pool of coca cola and beer. i splashed, and kicked, and managed to swim out again. then, i was hurled backwards, as he slammed dewn on to the bed, and went to sleep. i was once again going to have a night in his belly, stuck in the alcohol, swimming in beer.

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