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Chapter 5: the night and the morning
(by a writer, added on 9 September 2007 07:43 PM)

as i was stuck for the night in my friends belly, i decided i might as well walk around some more. so i continued to walk, then i heard my friend say, supper can't you stay still you are disturbing the beer. i was shocked, that he could talk to me in this way, but never the less, i continued to walk around. af about !h hours of walking in disgusting passages and tunnels, i felt my friend get up, i was slamced about, then i heard him say the worst thing of all, time to go to the toilet. berr rushed past me on it's way out, but i was not taken with it, i could have gone with it and got out, but i decided i wanted to stay. after my friend had relieved himself, he went to the kitchen, then he said, i will have some coca cola. i thought, oh no, not this again, but i could do nothing, as the cocacola washed down on to me.

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