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Chapter 3: in i go
(by a writer, added on 26 June 2007 02:40 PM)

i felt myself plop down in to a huge space, which smelled horrible. Then I knew why, there was a lot of beer in there, and i was sitting in some of it. Then, splash, rush, more fresh beer fell down on to me, and i was washed along. I heard my friend shouting and being silly, he was drunk. Then i was plunged in to a pool of beer and fat, I screamed, and surprisingly I heard my friend laugh and say, I hope you are enjoying it. I was actually enjoying it because it was quite interesting. I had asked my friend not to have too much beer, but he had not heeded me, he was having some now, and a lot! I pulled out my waterproof phone and rang him. Hello my supper, he said. I said, can't you stop drinking? He said no, you will have to put up with it, you went in. so, that was that, I was trapped, powerless, in a sea of beer, in a very tall, drunk man.

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