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Chapter 14: A SMALL twist!!
(by Pedro, added on 22 January 2008 02:01 AM)

So, there I was, waiting to be swallowed. The man sat down and ordered a drink. He then proceeded to say "Let's see how long you last". By that you mean" I nerviously asked. I had a scary feeling he wanted to chew me up. "What I mean is I want to see how long you can live", said the man. "What", I said, "your crazy". "Relax", the man said, "I'm just going to see If you can survive in my body under the circumstances I'm going to give you". "I won't do it", I said. "I understand", said the man, "I guess I'll just flush you down a toilet then". "Okay Okay", I said, "swallow me". "first", he said, "let me make you smaller". "How small", I said. "Just the size of a spec of dust", the man said with a grin on his face". "Remember", he said, "you have no choice". "Fine", I said. So, he made me the size of a spec dust and placed me on his gigantic tongue. His voice boomed, "if you survive for a week I'll let you go". So, he drank me down and laughed it up.

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