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Chapter 1: down i go
(by a writer, added on 24 June 2007 06:24 PM)

It is 8 am in the morning. The news is on. The reporter says: Scientists have just invented a way of shrinking people down smaller, so now people can be swallowed and explore the human body and stomach. The shrinking potion also makes the person safe, so they cannot come to any harm. I have always been interested in this sort of thing and wondered what it would be like to be swallowed, so I decide to find out how I can have a go. I go and have a chat to my friend, who says he will swallow me tonight, when he goes out to get very drunk, so I agree, even though it will be very strange and nerve racking with all that beer around me. So, tonight comes and he shrinks me to the size of a pea, then he puts me in to his pocket. I wait excitedly in there, then I feel his big hand coming down on me, then I am lifted up, up, and up, then he puts me in to his mouth. I can smell that he has already had a drink before eating me, so I know what I am in for. Then, beer washes over me, and I go down his throat, powerless, hole and alive. Down, down, down, as he is very tall, then I fall in to his large unhealthy stomach, as he is always drinking. I will be in there for the next week, and every night, he will be getting drunk, now I will find out what it is like to be in a drunk person.

Chapter 2: The Rotting Gullet
(by Holden, added on 26 June 2007 10:31 AM)

My friend has seriously got to think about this drinking binge he goes on every danged night. I mean really, his gullet is rotting away! I confess I don't really know what a gullet is, but I learned about it in my Science of the Human Bodty class, anatomy, I think it was called. Anyway, when I come out next week, I've really really got to talk to my friend about his drinking problems.

Chapter 3: in i go
(by a writer, added on 26 June 2007 02:40 PM)

i felt myself plop down in to a huge space, which smelled horrible. Then I knew why, there was a lot of beer in there, and i was sitting in some of it. Then, splash, rush, more fresh beer fell down on to me, and i was washed along. I heard my friend shouting and being silly, he was drunk. Then i was plunged in to a pool of beer and fat, I screamed, and surprisingly I heard my friend laugh and say, I hope you are enjoying it. I was actually enjoying it because it was quite interesting. I had asked my friend not to have too much beer, but he had not heeded me, he was having some now, and a lot! I pulled out my waterproof phone and rang him. Hello my supper, he said. I said, can't you stop drinking? He said no, you will have to put up with it, you went in. so, that was that, I was trapped, powerless, in a sea of beer, in a very tall, drunk man.

Chapter 4: wandering
(by a writer, added on 18 July 2007 12:23 AM)

now i knew i was stuck here, i decided i might as well wander around. so, i walked off down a passage, beer following me. i found myself in a chamber, which smelled disgusting, and it felt horrible as well, sticky and wet. then, more beer, loads more, he was really having a night of it, very heavy drinking. then i felt movement, he was standing up, then he was walking, unsteadily out of the public house. i was bashed and banged around in there, powerless! then i was thrown backwaards, he was lying down and i was about to experience my first night in a very very drunk, smelly man!

Chapter 5: the night and the morning
(by a writer, added on 9 September 2007 07:43 PM)

as i was stuck for the night in my friends belly, i decided i might as well walk around some more. so i continued to walk, then i heard my friend say, supper can't you stay still you are disturbing the beer. i was shocked, that he could talk to me in this way, but never the less, i continued to walk around. af about !h hours of walking in disgusting passages and tunnels, i felt my friend get up, i was slamced about, then i heard him say the worst thing of all, time to go to the toilet. berr rushed past me on it's way out, but i was not taken with it, i could have gone with it and got out, but i decided i wanted to stay. after my friend had relieved himself, he went to the kitchen, then he said, i will have some coca cola. i thought, oh no, not this again, but i could do nothing, as the cocacola washed down on to me.

Chapter 6: back to the drink
(by a writer, added on 13 September 2007 11:18 PM)

as i was washed in the coca cola, and the alcohol from last night, i thought how horrible it would be if i couldn't get out, if i had to live in my friend for ever. but, i was sure i would get out when i wanted too. i decided to have another wander around, so i set off again, down tunnels. it was rather strange to feel my friend walking, with me stuck in his belly. i wandered all day, knowing he would be back to the public house tonight, and i was right. at 7 pm, he went in, and said 4 pints of brown ail please, he was starting again, drinking, while i was in there. down it came, on to me, loads and loads, until i had to swim. he was there for 6 hours, getting drunker and drunker, and i was suffering, all the beer washing over me. then, up he got, wabbling, and swaying, shouting drunkenly. i was plunged up and down if the fatty beery mess in there, it was horrible, but interesting. his stomach was huge, with lots of tunnels to explore. so, down another one i went, straight in to a pool of coca cola and beer. i splashed, and kicked, and managed to swim out again. then, i was hurled backwards, as he slammed dewn on to the bed, and went to sleep. i was once again going to have a night in his belly, stuck in the alcohol, swimming in beer.

Chapter 7: Tidal wave
(by Ken Downey, added on 1 October 2007 06:07 AM)

It was time to move on, so after a fitful sleep I woke up. The first problem was, where was I going to get water! Shrunken or not, I was going to need a drink--of the good stuff, not that cheap beer and ale my buddy has been dousing me with--although it is kind of fun to pop coke bubbles when there's nothing else to do.
Well, I explored the stomach--it was in the shape of a huge J. Just as I was going to to begin my descent into the intestines, whoosh! The stench was awful, and the feeling was worse. Bite after bite of three-day-old, chewed-up pepperoni and onion pizza came splooshing down, covering my hair. The worst of it all was when I got coke in my ears. It was pretty flat by then, but I still heard what sounded like fireworks going off on that side of my head for what seemed like hours!
Well, there was this twisting passage. I started down it. It went down a long way, but now I was having problems. His stinking body was trying to digest me! The gastric juices in his stomach must have worn away the only protection I had devised, (or maybe it was all the beer,) and now all these juices were making me itch. It got worse and worse until I decided I'd have to go up again--but I couldn't. My friend was drinking again, but in a way I hadn't expected. There came a tidal wave of beer as my friend took his tongue off the end of the beer bong, and a gallon of the swill went down his gullet in two seconds. I was washed along quickly, and I knew I'd have to go out... soon... and through the wrong end!

Chapter 8: protection replenished
(by a writer, added on 10 October 2007 11:46 PM)

i felt the itchy feeling getting worse, then i remembered i had more protection, so i pulled it out of my pocket and i put it on, the itching stopped. i was still being swept on in a sea of rotten beer, but i was protected.

Chapter 9: carrying on
(by a writer, added on 14 October 2007 09:15 PM)

now i was protected, i could stay in my friend for longer, and it wasn't so urgent to get out. so, i continued to paddle around, my friend had had about 12 pints of beer tonight, and i could tell, he was wabbling around shouting, and banging around. i heard him walking out of the public house, talking drunkenly to another friend, he was saying, `now for another dring, let's go,> i thought oh, no, not more, but it was, another pint, then another fell on me, i was washed along deeper in to his disgusting insides, as he got drunker. he finally went home, and flung himself down, the beer swishing and crashing is his stomach, banging me around with it, then he was asleep, and i was in for another night of submurtion in the foul liquid in his belly, powerless unable to get out until he went to the toilet.

Chapter 10: the beer day
(by a writer, added on 1 November 2007 10:44 PM)

as my friend snored and tossed in his bed, i was banged about in his stomach with all the beer splashing in to me. this went on all night until he got up, and said, a beer day, yes, more beer! I then remembered it was saturday, he would have 20 pints at the least, with me trapped inside him, and he wouldn't care, he would just get drunker and drunker!

Chapter 11: a decision
(by a writer, added on 24 November 2007 05:33 PM)

as my friend drank and drank, i decided i did not mind too much, as long as he would eat or drink something i would like. so i rang him, `Hello` he said. i said, `Can't you have some salad or something?` he said, `No, i am getting too drunk to do that, i will have pizza and chips,` so i was resigned to eating chewed up pizza im a smelly beer filled cavern! i sat there as more and more beer washed over me, and then the coca cola started, he had 10 cans i rang him up, and said, `Are you trying to be horrible to me?` he just belched and drank more, i heard the drinking noise at the end of the phone, thdn i felt the result, cold sticky coca cola, all over me, then he went and had a pizza, gulping more beer down with it, on top of me with out a care.

Chapter 12: more exploration
(by a writer, added on 16 December 2007 10:54 PM)

as my friend ate and drank i was banged around by all the smelly things inside him, then he got in to bed, and drank more beer while lying down, and it flooded all over me, and he was belching and laughing so drunk :e just didn't care.

Chapter 13: extra cocacola
(by a writer, added on 13 January 2008 06:26 PM)

after my friend had finished drinking, he went to sleep, for hours! i swam around inside him, thinking about whether to live inside him for ever because it was quite fun to swim up and down in his belly. when my friend got up, wabling, i was plunged downwards, into a pile of chewed up burger, which was all sticky and covered in saliver. my friend, meanwhile wabled to the kitchen and downed 4 cans of cocacola in 5 minutes, straight on to me, then he said, how do you like it? i swam away from the fizzy throthy mess, and along another tunnel, as my friend went out of the house. then he went to the public house, and started to drink again. down came the alcohol in to his stomach, and i was washed around as before, and it was getting quite boring really, i decided i wanted to come out, and find someone else to swallow me, so i could find out what it was like inside them, and i hd the answer, one of my other friends, who had a passion for drinking everything fizzy! so, when my friend went to the toilet, i let myself be washed out, with all the beer, which was quite sticky, and my friend caught me. before i could do anything, however, he took me in to the crowded bar, and handed me to one of his friends, who was even taller, and drank even more! here he is, said my friend, why don't yz eat him? yes, that sounds like fun, i will have him with this pint, he said, putting me in to his mouth. i thought, oh well, another exploration, inside someone else. why net?

Chapter 14: A SMALL twist!!
(by Pedro, added on 22 January 2008 02:01 AM)

So, there I was, waiting to be swallowed. The man sat down and ordered a drink. He then proceeded to say "Let's see how long you last". By that you mean" I nerviously asked. I had a scary feeling he wanted to chew me up. "What I mean is I want to see how long you can live", said the man. "What", I said, "your crazy". "Relax", the man said, "I'm just going to see If you can survive in my body under the circumstances I'm going to give you". "I won't do it", I said. "I understand", said the man, "I guess I'll just flush you down a toilet then". "Okay Okay", I said, "swallow me". "first", he said, "let me make you smaller". "How small", I said. "Just the size of a spec of dust", the man said with a grin on his face". "Remember", he said, "you have no choice". "Fine", I said. So, he made me the size of a spec dust and placed me on his gigantic tongue. His voice boomed, "if you survive for a week I'll let you go". So, he drank me down and laughed it up.

Chapter 15: his belly
(by a writer, added on 23 January 2008 06:08 PM)

as i slid down the man's throat, i smelled alcohol and coca cola. as i slid down the man laughed and had more alcohol and he was getting drunk and having a good time, as i splashd down in to his huge huge stomach full of sticky bear.

Chapter 16: more than before
(by a writer, added on 27 January 2008 05:37 PM)

as i sat there in the man's stinking stomach i realised that he drank even more alcohol than my iupposed friend. he was gulping the stuff down even faster, and he was even drunker, and i was covered in it all, splashing in the beery river.

Chapter 17: Puppy love.
(by Pedro, added on 13 March 2008 11:58 PM)

I was frieghtened that my new host was going to start eating bugs that could think of me as a little snack. I was so nervous I finally called him and said "Just tell me what your going to do to me". "Well" he said, "I think I'll give you some new friends to play with". "please" I said, "you haft to let me leave". "I guess I could", the man said. I was shocked "really" I said? "Yeah, sure" the man said. So, I was peed out and made a little larger, but I wasn't safe. "Well" the man said, "I have a little surprise for you". I looked at him puzzled as he placed me on the ground. He walked away. I was still puzzled at what he was getting, until he had said "come here boy". I knew what he was going to do, so I began to run. The man saw me running and said, "where do you think your going, pet". "Pet", I asked? "Don't you know", the man said, "your friend sold you to me". I was shocked, I couldn't believe it. The man proceeded to pick me up and place me in his dogs water bowl. the dog smiled as he smelt me and started to lick me. I thought it was okay at first, but then I realized that dog was tasting me. I was then hit by a shrink ray and began to dwindle. Even though the dog was a puppy, he looked like a giant monster that was going to enjoy eating me. And then, Slurp I was in it's mouth under it's tongue And it was going to keep me their as long as possible.

Chapter 18: back in his belly
(by a writer, added on 14 March 2008 12:29 AM)

as i sat there trembling under the dog's tongue the man opened the dog's mouth, took me out, then swallowed me again, just like that, with coca cola. he laughed as i slid down, and said, don't worry, more beer and koke soon.

Chapter 19: down in the beer
(by a writer, added on 2 April 2008 12:24 AM)

as i slid in to his thilthy stomach, i felt him drinking again, woosh, beer fell on me and he rubbed his belly. i felt this and i sat there as he drank. adter he had finished, he got um, wobble wobble, and i felt him walking, i was banged about.

Chapter 20: HIT AND RUN
(by JASPER JANSEN, added on 3 April 2008 02:10 AM)

Isuddenly felt the river of beer rushing over me. The man fell down. What could have happened? Then, I realized that I was being flushed out of a hole in the man's stummac with a whole lot of bear and guts. I fell in the road. As I looked around me, I realized that the man was run over by a bus. He was dead.

Chapter 21: saved
(by a writer, added on 3 April 2008 10:11 PM)

as i lay there ambulances came. the man was lifted on a stretcher, he was not dead, he was alright, he bad just cut his stomach. he was taken to hospital and sorted out there, but i was found by one of my other friends, who said, would you like to go inside my stomach, so i agreed.

Chapter 22: down
(by a writer, added on 1 May 2008 07:52 AM)

as the man lifted me high high up, i looked forwa+d to exploring another inside. he opened his mouth, and put me in, then, he went to get a drink. i sat inside his mouth waiting then, woosh, down came some coca cola, all fizzy on to me, washing me down, he was so tall that i fell for about 5 seconds, down, in to his stomach, it was all hot inside, and coca cola and bits of food floated around me. i paddled in there, as he walked, bump wabble, i was bumped around inside him, and he just kept right on.

Chapter 23: another adventure
(by emma , added on 3 May 2008 10:02 PM)

As i was bumped around in my friends stomach. I began to think to myself what would it be like to do this for a job. After about 2 hours my friend stopped walking and went in to a Cafe and I heard him order a fry up and a large coffee. I was dreading it. He sat down and then took a large sip of his coffee. It was warm and sticky. He then had 2 more. I phoned him up and asked him if he could please stop drinking coffee. But he just laughed and ordered another large cup. He then went home and fell asleep. I was left to swim around in this mucky mess.

Chapter 24: coffee and coca cola
(by a writer, added on 4 May 2008 04:01 PM)

when my friend woke up i rang him and asked what he was going to drink. he said, well, coke i think, i said, but, he said, i will ha<e 2 cans. i gave up, he got up, i was thrown around inside him as he walked to the kitchen, he gulped down the coca cola very fast, and it fell on me.

Chapter 25: Out I Go Again
(by emma , added on 4 May 2008 08:37 PM)

As he downed another 10 cans of cola i began to feel dreadful. I wanted to get out of this sticky liquid and be able to drink and eat what i wanted. After about 2 hours he said to himself it is time to go to the toylet. I allowed myself to be carried out with the cola. He spotted me and put me in his pocket. I phoned him up and asked him if he could restore me back to normal hight.

Chapter 26: ringing him
(by a writer, added on 11 May 2008 07:56 PM)

as i swam in my friend's belly, i rang him amd asked if he would let me go, and make me my normal size. he said, no it was more fun with you in me. so that was that

Chapter 27: in someone else
(by a writer, added on 26 June 2008 02:20 AM)

after about half an hour i was squeezed out of the man, and he handed me over to another man, who swalowed me with beer, and i fell into a horrid mess, and was wabled about in there.

Chapter 28: more cocacola
(by a writer, added on 12 August 2008 03:59 AM)

as i sat in the man's horrid stomach, i felt a woosh and cocacola slopped in on to me. i was bumped aboutt in there with the beer and cocacola.

Chapter 29: the escape
(by emma , added on 24 August 2008 04:42 PM)

As my friend's friend drunk more and more cola i began to feel quite sick and fed up of being inside peoples bodies and especially my friends who did not care about what they were doing to there bodies. I decided that i would walk out of this mans mouth whilst he was a sleep. It was a differcult task. I kept on sliding back down in to his stomach. But after what seemed hours i could see the entrance from his descusting body. I finally reached his mouth and jumped out. He did not stir. I saw the bottle of liquid that would restore me to normal hight. I climed up the table leg and unscroowed the bottle and took a grate big gulp. I began to feel my legs and arms streching and then my body. It only took about five minutes for me to be back to my normal hight. Just as i was about to leave the bed room the man woke up and said "how did you get out." so you told him. You then offered him a cup of cola and he downed it. But what he did not know is that you had emptyed the bottle of shrinking liquid in to it.

Chapter 30: more beer
(by a writer, added on 8 September 2008 03:47 AM)

the man shrank amd get smaller, thnn he grabbed some liquid from a bottle and drank. he grew big again, and got bam to his normal size, thdn he forced tome liquid down mz throat, and said, ok, now down you go, and i am going to have some beer! he swallowed me, dnd i fell down.

Chapter 31: more beer
(by a writer, added on 4 May 2009 04:08 AM)

as i slopped about in his belly i heard him say, now to punish you, and empty a whole bottle of beer down his throat and another and more until he was really drunk. it was very hot in there with all the beer sloshing about and i was stuck in the middle of it

Chapter 32: more beer
(by a writer, added on 22 August 2009 02:01 AM)

i kicked and banged hard on the wall of his belly, but it made no difference as he just tipped more beer on to me aod banged his stomach. it was awfull! i kicked harder but he just laughed and drank more beer, then said, how about a run, and ran very fast sloshing the beer round more. i hated it but i was stuck!!

Chapter 33: another friend
(by a writer, added on 29 April 2010 11:45 PM)

as i was slopped in the man's belly i realised that he was slowing down, and then, woosh! the man was going to the toilet! i was swooshed out of him, and he caught me. he said, another friend wants to swallow you down how about it. he handed me over to another man, who i noticed had a scottish accent.

Chapter 34: Is It Freedom?
(by Mr.?, added on 4 February 2012 05:26 AM)

As I was handed over I noticed the man was wearing a ring. That started me thinking... "If I'm this small I could hide under his ring when he tries to swallow. Then I'd just pretend I was in there till night and slip away. But then what? How will I return back to my normal size? I decide to plan that part later and concentrate on this bit of liberty first." So, That night while I was in that man's pocket I prepared myself for what was coming at the bar.

Chapter 35: So Far Success
(by Mr.?, added on 4 February 2012 05:34 AM)

Finally, we were thereand I was ready for the first step of my plan to take effect. "Ready?" Asked the man, with that strange accent of his. "O.K." I said. As he raises his hand, I grabd onto the ring and quickly slip under. It was perfect! Just enough so that the ring held me secure and I wouldn't slip, plus the stickiness my body was covered in helped in this situation. I watched the man drink, but this time, I wasn't in the accursed stomach. At last! Then, I remembered I still have a lot to do before my freedom is reasured.

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