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Chapter 9: carrying on
(by a writer, added on 14 October 2007 09:15 PM)

now i was protected, i could stay in my friend for longer, and it wasn't so urgent to get out. so, i continued to paddle around, my friend had had about 12 pints of beer tonight, and i could tell, he was wabbling around shouting, and banging around. i heard him walking out of the public house, talking drunkenly to another friend, he was saying, `now for another dring, let's go,> i thought oh, no, not more, but it was, another pint, then another fell on me, i was washed along deeper in to his disgusting insides, as he got drunker. he finally went home, and flung himself down, the beer swishing and crashing is his stomach, banging me around with it, then he was asleep, and i was in for another night of submurtion in the foul liquid in his belly, powerless unable to get out until he went to the toilet.

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