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Chapter 7: Tidal wave
(by Ken Downey, added on 1 October 2007 06:07 AM)

It was time to move on, so after a fitful sleep I woke up. The first problem was, where was I going to get water! Shrunken or not, I was going to need a drink--of the good stuff, not that cheap beer and ale my buddy has been dousing me with--although it is kind of fun to pop coke bubbles when there's nothing else to do.
Well, I explored the stomach--it was in the shape of a huge J. Just as I was going to to begin my descent into the intestines, whoosh! The stench was awful, and the feeling was worse. Bite after bite of three-day-old, chewed-up pepperoni and onion pizza came splooshing down, covering my hair. The worst of it all was when I got coke in my ears. It was pretty flat by then, but I still heard what sounded like fireworks going off on that side of my head for what seemed like hours!
Well, there was this twisting passage. I started down it. It went down a long way, but now I was having problems. His stinking body was trying to digest me! The gastric juices in his stomach must have worn away the only protection I had devised, (or maybe it was all the beer,) and now all these juices were making me itch. It got worse and worse until I decided I'd have to go up again--but I couldn't. My friend was drinking again, but in a way I hadn't expected. There came a tidal wave of beer as my friend took his tongue off the end of the beer bong, and a gallon of the swill went down his gullet in two seconds. I was washed along quickly, and I knew I'd have to go out... soon... and through the wrong end!

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