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Chapter 13: extra cocacola
(by a writer, added on 13 January 2008 06:26 PM)

after my friend had finished drinking, he went to sleep, for hours! i swam around inside him, thinking about whether to live inside him for ever because it was quite fun to swim up and down in his belly. when my friend got up, wabling, i was plunged downwards, into a pile of chewed up burger, which was all sticky and covered in saliver. my friend, meanwhile wabled to the kitchen and downed 4 cans of cocacola in 5 minutes, straight on to me, then he said, how do you like it? i swam away from the fizzy throthy mess, and along another tunnel, as my friend went out of the house. then he went to the public house, and started to drink again. down came the alcohol in to his stomach, and i was washed around as before, and it was getting quite boring really, i decided i wanted to come out, and find someone else to swallow me, so i could find out what it was like inside them, and i hd the answer, one of my other friends, who had a passion for drinking everything fizzy! so, when my friend went to the toilet, i let myself be washed out, with all the beer, which was quite sticky, and my friend caught me. before i could do anything, however, he took me in to the crowded bar, and handed me to one of his friends, who was even taller, and drank even more! here he is, said my friend, why don't yz eat him? yes, that sounds like fun, i will have him with this pint, he said, putting me in to his mouth. i thought, oh well, another exploration, inside someone else. why net?

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