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Chapter 11: a decision
(by a writer, added on 24 November 2007 05:33 PM)

as my friend drank and drank, i decided i did not mind too much, as long as he would eat or drink something i would like. so i rang him, `Hello` he said. i said, `Can't you have some salad or something?` he said, `No, i am getting too drunk to do that, i will have pizza and chips,` so i was resigned to eating chewed up pizza im a smelly beer filled cavern! i sat there as more and more beer washed over me, and then the coca cola started, he had 10 cans i rang him up, and said, `Are you trying to be horrible to me?` he just belched and drank more, i heard the drinking noise at the end of the phone, thdn i felt the result, cold sticky coca cola, all over me, then he went and had a pizza, gulping more beer down with it, on top of me with out a care.

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