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Chapter 29: the escape
(by emma , added on 24 August 2008 04:42 PM)

As my friend's friend drunk more and more cola i began to feel quite sick and fed up of being inside peoples bodies and especially my friends who did not care about what they were doing to there bodies. I decided that i would walk out of this mans mouth whilst he was a sleep. It was a differcult task. I kept on sliding back down in to his stomach. But after what seemed hours i could see the entrance from his descusting body. I finally reached his mouth and jumped out. He did not stir. I saw the bottle of liquid that would restore me to normal hight. I climed up the table leg and unscroowed the bottle and took a grate big gulp. I began to feel my legs and arms streching and then my body. It only took about five minutes for me to be back to my normal hight. Just as i was about to leave the bed room the man woke up and said "how did you get out." so you told him. You then offered him a cup of cola and he downed it. But what he did not know is that you had emptyed the bottle of shrinking liquid in to it.

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