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Chapter 5: The encounter with the Malfoys
(by Lewis Crack, added on 31 July 2009 03:09 PM)

"Oh no." moaned Ron softly as soon as they saw the Malfoys. "I'll get him one of these days!" he added snarling.
"Ooooh! Here's Potter, Weasley and Granger." sneered Draco Malfoy, as soon as he saw them.
"I say Weasley's so poor he couldn't buy himself a decent set of robes."
Ron turned scarlet and shook with rage. He lunged forward, but...
"Don't." whispered Hermione urgently.
"Ooooh! Trying to stop me are we?" drawled Malfoy.
Hermione suddenly slapped Draco hard in the back of the head.
Malfoy looked startled and slightly scared.
"Leave us alone." said Hermione in a cold voice.
"Come on, let's get our robes and get out of here." Harry whispered.
"Good idea." whispered Hermione.
"See you at Hogwarts, Potter, Weasle King and Granger." said Malfoy in a carrying voice, as the trio went to get their robes measured by Madam Malkin.
"Really," said Madam Malkin in distress.
"The commotions that go on in my shop!"
Her hands shook a little as she adjusted Harry's new robes.
"There all done." said Madam Malkin finally after about 10 minutes.
Harry, Ron and Hermione each paid for their robes, and left the shop.

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