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Chapter 4: Diagon Alley
(by Amy Harrison, added on 20 November 2008 01:40 AM)

Diagon alley was less busy than usual when they arrived. They first went to Gringotts where harry took out enough money for his books and the things he would need throughout the school year. As usual he felt guilty when he saw the small amount of Galleons in the Weasley's vault.
"Where to next?" asked Ron.
"I need some Owl treats for Hedwig" said Harry.
"Yeah, Pig's supply is running pretty low" agreed Ron.
They made their way to Eeylops Owl Emporium where Harry bought an enormous amount of treats.
"Hedwig's going to be so large she won't fly if you feed her all that stuff" Ron pointed out.
Harry grinned. Ron as usual was buying a small amount of treats with the allowance he had to last him for the year. What harry didn't say was that he'd bought that much so that he could share what he didn't need with Ron. Hermione bought some treats for Crookshanks and they exited the shop.
"Mum said to meet her in Madame Malkins" said Ron. "She got annoyed last time because when we went on our own I got the robes two inches too short. I looked like a plonker."
"Yes Ronald, you did" agreed Hermione. The two glared at each other until harry put a stop to it. The two of them frowning at each other they entered Madame Malkins.
Harry's heart sank when, on enering the shop he heard the two voices he did not want to ever hear again. He looked for the source of the voices and found Draco Malfoy standing on a stool being measured by Madame Malkin, his father standing nearby.

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