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Chapter 5: about me
(by aaron danvers-jukes, added on 25 July 2005 09:46 PM)

my name is aaron. i am 13 years old. i live in the united kingdom and i was blind since... well, i don't actually know when.
my mum says that i had to be in hospital for 16 weeks, and aparantly i may have died if any other things went wrong (i was born very premeture)
my hobbies include:
computers, playstation 2 (i don't play it that much now but sometimes i do and it's rather fun), and listening to music (especially my mp3 player, if you were with me you'll probably find me listening to it.)
i go to mayfield middleschool. I am the only totally blind person there, however there is a person who is visually impaired there called Owin, who i haven't met (i don't think i have met) yet.
i don't mind being blind at all. I can live like a normal person (mostly) i can't drive a car, or do visual things, but i sure can do things!
by for now,
note: there are errors in this post. i have corrected the main ones i think. but there are some errors thatt i couldn't correct. sorry!

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