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Chapter 12: A Change of Plans
(by NativeRose, added on 16 September 2006 04:47 PM)

In a previous post, I wrote about where I would be going to college. Plans changed big time, as they often do. I am currently attending a Christian college, and I absolutely love it! Jennifer wrote about how she's going into psychology; I am pursuing the same thing. I'm going for a bachelor's in psychology and a masters in clinical counseling. Most of the others who posted here are younger, perhaps thinking about going to college. The one thing I would recommend is: start early! Apply for as many scholarships as you can, start working with your state vocational rehabilitation program early, and visit your campus before you make that all-important decision. When I visited my college campus, I asked to meet with the ADA coordinator to find out how they could provide accommodations. I'm really not here to tell you what to do...I just wanted to share some tips with those of you who are considering going to college or university.

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