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Chapter 4: Reinhard Stebner life story
(by Reinhard , added on 29 June 2005 07:14 PM)

I whent blind when I was abotu 11 (around the same age as these people ehre). I decided that at a very early age that I would become a person who did not want to be blind. It was a very hard decision sicne I was blind <smile>. Well anyohw, I whent blind when I was 16 years old enver have driven on a freeway or in trafic. I often wihs I could. Now I jsut graduated from Texas A & M with a Comtpeur Science degree. I currently live in Houston Texas were I am currently working for a oil and gas company doing differant kind so comtpeur work.

I would be very wiling to talk to any people who are intersted in comptuers and to talk to a totally blidnf person who has done this in college.

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