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Chapter 3: A Friend Of Jennifer's
(by James Dean, added on 28 June 2005 06:54 PM)

Hi. My Name is James Dean. Yes, that is my real name! Anyway, I am sixteen, have an eye condition known as Retenopothy of Prematurity, and I am a friend of Jennifer's. I am in transition between the ninth and tenth grades, as you will see from the date of this poast, it is summer of 2005. Anyway, I have a major interest in computers, almost an obsession, and I cope fairly well with being blind, well, so I think. I go to Tennessee School for the blind, and I have met Jennifer twice, once at Ohio school for the blind on a track meet, and then again at Minnesota School for the Blind on a swim/forensics confrence trip. We talk on the phone quite often. I use a cane, although I do not have my own. That still makes me mad...but anyway. I really want to do something with computers as a job, but that is still a long way away.... Ok I am done now, so yall take care, and Peace! Live long and prosper! etc!

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