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Chapter 15: Dawn Seaman's story.
(by dawn seaman, added on 8 April 2009 03:20 PM)

My name is Dawn and I lost my sight when I was 24 years old, the day before completing my german degree. After a severe bump on the head I went into a coma for 1 and a half months which left me totally blind, with severe brain damage on the left side of my brain and also nerve damage down my left side.i think i was very close to death since i had an out of body experience where i saw myself lying in my hospital bed whilst in my coma and also had something which can only be described as a miracle, i saw my guardian angel. i realise this may sound crazy to anyone else out there who cannot see, but the feelings of warmth and comfort and magic i felt could never be replicated.i now have a wonderful guide dog, a white labrador victor who gave me the courage to leave my flat with confidence for the first time since losing my sight, and am also getting married to a wonderful man called ajay, so going blind means i get to have 2 men at once, lucky me!

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