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Chapter 14: About Blake
(by Blake G, added on 18 March 2009 02:13 PM)

As everyone appears to be telling their stories on this particular story, I decided to add in my two sense.

My name is Blake, but I am also known as Tech on the internet. I have Retinopathy Of Prematurity, just as a few of you have. I was born three months early, and from what I am told, am quite lucky to be alive today.

My main interest is computers, as I spend most of my time on mine. I also enjoy writing, weather it be stories or programs, as I have written a few programs as well. I host my own web page, and am glad I have my own server to do so, as I continually make modifications to it.

I also enjoy getting to know new people, even though I am shy at times. People that know me might not say that, but they've probably never seen me talking with people I don't know. I'm a calm, logical person most of the time, who is quite difficult to offend. This is, in part, due to others getting me angry. When I was in sixth grade, I tried to hit someone because they provoked me. I remember the principle of the school I was in at the time having a chat with me. Eventually, I learned to think before I act on my impulses, and to keep an objective view when I get angry or impacient with people.

People also tell me that I have a dry sense of humor, though I don't understand how that is possible. Your sense of humor is simply a way of measuring how funny a person is, and isn't tangible enough to get wet. There's an example of my lame jokes. People tell me I'm sarcastic as well. When I'm joking with someone, I'm usually smiling, so it's difficult for me to prank people. Some people find that activity enjoyable, and I used to find it rather humorous. As I've gotten older, I find that activity is rather ridiculous and unnecessary. Someone once guessed my age to be around twenty-five, but I'm only nineteen as of this posting.

Because of my keen ability to think through emotion, communicate with others, and resolve situations, I often find myself in the middle of problems, attempting to be the person who looks at the problem analitically, describes it to the people having the problem, then attempts to come up with reasonable solutions. In this way, I've mended relationships, settled arguments, and have generally become the voice of reason among my friends. I used to hate solving others problems, but now, I enjoy it. I once spoke with someone who would call me and talk with me about her problems and feelings. Listening to her usually helped her calm and order her mind, but another of my friends likes to hear opinions and suggestions to his problems.

Because of my current experiences with people, I would consider myself a good judge of character. I word it in this way because experiences change, and with them, your thoughts and actions change too.

As computers are the joy of my life, I'm always learning about them. I help many of my friends solve computer problems, and even to this day, the Utah School For The Deaf And Blind still calls me to help resolve problems with their notetakers.

Since I was ten years of age, my career goals have been centered around computer techknology. I wanted to be a programmer at one point, but there are quite a few other jobs to chose from. Technical support, which I'm good at, networking, and I suppose I'm all right with that as well, because I always end up solving our internet difficulties at my house, and many others.

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to send me an e-mail. I check mine at least once a day, so I shouldn't miss anything sent to me. That's all I can think of at the moment, and I've got to study some college work as well. Good days to everyone, and have fun!

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