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Chapter 11: A blind and sweet girl from Sweden
(by Julia Lindahl, added on 27 August 2006 06:43 PM)

Hi there!
My name is Julia, as you already know. My age is 16 but I will be 17 in November this year. In this chapter I will tell you a little about myself.
I live in a little, nice and cosy town with 9000 inhabitants in the south of Sweden. I'm completely blind since the birth but that's not a big problem for me. Naturally, some situations in life is harder for me than they are for sighted persons, but I mean that I have to see the possibilities and advantages with everything. My favourite word of wisdom is "If you try and do your best, then no one can demand more of you".
When I read books I prefer reading braille to listen to talking books. That's because of that I remember the story better when I read it by myself. The books about Harry Potter are without hesitation the best of all. They are exciting, mysterious and unpredictable.
Right now I 'm studying social science and have two years left. I don't know what to do when I've finished my studies. The time will show that. The only thing that I know is that I want to get a job where I can acquaint myself with new people.
That was all for now. Take care and enjoy the time as much as you can.
Greetings from Sweden!

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