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Chapter 1: About the Author
(by Michael Evans, added on 14 January 2005 05:27 PM)

Hi my name is Michael Evans and I am in the 9th grade. I have been blind since birth. I have a condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I am 15 years old. I live in the United States. I read braille very eficiently. My favorite subject is History. I have 1 sister and no pets. My sisters name is Ashley. None of my other family members are blind. I am the only one. At first I thought that it was unusual for you to be the only one to be blind in your whole family.

Chapter 2: A friend Of Michael's
(by jennifer palmer, added on 15 January 2005 03:08 AM)

Hi, I can understand Michael's thoughts I am blind I go to the missouri School for the blind. and i know him We are very good friends. I at one time when i was very young and didnt know any better thought i was the only blind child there was. I am Jennifer and am good at english but like government and hope to be a social worker.

Chapter 3: A Friend Of Jennifer's
(by James Dean, added on 28 June 2005 06:54 PM)

Hi. My Name is James Dean. Yes, that is my real name! Anyway, I am sixteen, have an eye condition known as Retenopothy of Prematurity, and I am a friend of Jennifer's. I am in transition between the ninth and tenth grades, as you will see from the date of this poast, it is summer of 2005. Anyway, I have a major interest in computers, almost an obsession, and I cope fairly well with being blind, well, so I think. I go to Tennessee School for the blind, and I have met Jennifer twice, once at Ohio school for the blind on a track meet, and then again at Minnesota School for the Blind on a swim/forensics confrence trip. We talk on the phone quite often. I use a cane, although I do not have my own. That still makes me mad...but anyway. I really want to do something with computers as a job, but that is still a long way away.... Ok I am done now, so yall take care, and Peace! Live long and prosper! etc!

Chapter 4: Reinhard Stebner life story
(by Reinhard , added on 29 June 2005 07:14 PM)

I whent blind when I was abotu 11 (around the same age as these people ehre). I decided that at a very early age that I would become a person who did not want to be blind. It was a very hard decision sicne I was blind <smile>. Well anyohw, I whent blind when I was 16 years old enver have driven on a freeway or in trafic. I often wihs I could. Now I jsut graduated from Texas A & M with a Comtpeur Science degree. I currently live in Houston Texas were I am currently working for a oil and gas company doing differant kind so comtpeur work.

I would be very wiling to talk to any people who are intersted in comptuers and to talk to a totally blidnf person who has done this in college.

Chapter 5: about me
(by aaron danvers-jukes, added on 25 July 2005 09:46 PM)

my name is aaron. i am 13 years old. i live in the united kingdom and i was blind since... well, i don't actually know when.
my mum says that i had to be in hospital for 16 weeks, and aparantly i may have died if any other things went wrong (i was born very premeture)
my hobbies include:
computers, playstation 2 (i don't play it that much now but sometimes i do and it's rather fun), and listening to music (especially my mp3 player, if you were with me you'll probably find me listening to it.)
i go to mayfield middleschool. I am the only totally blind person there, however there is a person who is visually impaired there called Owin, who i haven't met (i don't think i have met) yet.
i don't mind being blind at all. I can live like a normal person (mostly) i can't drive a car, or do visual things, but i sure can do things!
by for now,
note: there are errors in this post. i have corrected the main ones i think. but there are some errors thatt i couldn't correct. sorry!

Chapter 6: A Link
(by NativeRose, added on 6 August 2005 02:17 AM)

I see, based on the first four chapters, that these people are connected through school and such. However, I am "connected" by something important to all of us, I too have optic nerve hypoplasia, which is another term for retrolentalfibroplasia, which is just another way of saying retinopathy of prematurity. I am a little older than most of the people who have posted so far, I am twenty and I'm going back to college at the University of Phoenix. I am going for a M.A. in child psychology. As for dealing with blindness, I have no trouble there because I've been blind all my life, therefore I don't know what I'm missing. I have to depend on my faith in God to get me through because, believe it or not, even though I've been blind all my life, I still get frustrated. I know that sounds familiar to all of you. So...I couldn't make it without God, for with God are not all things possible?

Chapter 7: more on jennifer
(by jennifer palmer, added on 15 November 2005 03:30 AM)

Hey, I am jennifer I have written here before. I switched my goals in life I am now a student at North West Missouri state University majoring in broadcasting. I still like to help people though but I cannot get the wholde clinical distancing thing at all. I hope everyone can meet there goals and e-mail me if ya want to talk..

Chapter 8: Update On Jennifer
(by jennifer palmer, added on 10 March 2006 06:51 AM)

Hey, I am still at Northwest and things are pretty good decided to stay in the field of psychology. I am not your best student but I figure i will eventually get it right.

Chapter 9: New poster.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 27 June 2006 10:16 AM)

Hi my name is ian mcnamara and i am 23 years old. i come from england in the u k and i have been totaly blind since birth.. i have retinophy of premturaty same as some of you others that posted here. I do not find it hard to live with my blindness as i have had to get use to it all my life. although i alwaise wunder what it would be like having sight and would love the chance to have just a little bit to see what it is like.

Chapter 10: Hi
(by Lollo, added on 29 July 2006 05:55 PM)

Hi I'm not blind but I do know what it's like not being able to see. I needed glasses really badly in 2nd grade but no one believed me. So I went through 2nd and some of 3rd grade not being able to read boards and my grades were really bad because of it. I am so proud of all of you accepting yourselves. Because a lot of you have great talents and can do a lot of great things.

Chapter 11: A blind and sweet girl from Sweden
(by Julia Lindahl, added on 27 August 2006 06:43 PM)

Hi there!
My name is Julia, as you already know. My age is 16 but I will be 17 in November this year. In this chapter I will tell you a little about myself.
I live in a little, nice and cosy town with 9000 inhabitants in the south of Sweden. I'm completely blind since the birth but that's not a big problem for me. Naturally, some situations in life is harder for me than they are for sighted persons, but I mean that I have to see the possibilities and advantages with everything. My favourite word of wisdom is "If you try and do your best, then no one can demand more of you".
When I read books I prefer reading braille to listen to talking books. That's because of that I remember the story better when I read it by myself. The books about Harry Potter are without hesitation the best of all. They are exciting, mysterious and unpredictable.
Right now I 'm studying social science and have two years left. I don't know what to do when I've finished my studies. The time will show that. The only thing that I know is that I want to get a job where I can acquaint myself with new people.
That was all for now. Take care and enjoy the time as much as you can.
Greetings from Sweden!

Chapter 12: A Change of Plans
(by NativeRose, added on 16 September 2006 04:47 PM)

In a previous post, I wrote about where I would be going to college. Plans changed big time, as they often do. I am currently attending a Christian college, and I absolutely love it! Jennifer wrote about how she's going into psychology; I am pursuing the same thing. I'm going for a bachelor's in psychology and a masters in clinical counseling. Most of the others who posted here are younger, perhaps thinking about going to college. The one thing I would recommend is: start early! Apply for as many scholarships as you can, start working with your state vocational rehabilitation program early, and visit your campus before you make that all-important decision. When I visited my college campus, I asked to meet with the ADA coordinator to find out how they could provide accommodations. I'm really not here to tell you what to do...I just wanted to share some tips with those of you who are considering going to college or university.

Chapter 13: ian again.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 20 January 2007 12:16 PM)

this is ian again. i also have retinopathy of premituraty as i said in my last post. i enjoy singing and playing the pianno and i have a grade six musicle thietor exam for singing. i also have a 3 year old lab cross german sheperd guide dog called riggs. i live in england in the u k. hope that this storrie carries on because it is a grate storrie

Chapter 14: About Blake
(by Blake G, added on 18 March 2009 02:13 PM)

As everyone appears to be telling their stories on this particular story, I decided to add in my two sense.

My name is Blake, but I am also known as Tech on the internet. I have Retinopathy Of Prematurity, just as a few of you have. I was born three months early, and from what I am told, am quite lucky to be alive today.

My main interest is computers, as I spend most of my time on mine. I also enjoy writing, weather it be stories or programs, as I have written a few programs as well. I host my own web page, and am glad I have my own server to do so, as I continually make modifications to it.

I also enjoy getting to know new people, even though I am shy at times. People that know me might not say that, but they've probably never seen me talking with people I don't know. I'm a calm, logical person most of the time, who is quite difficult to offend. This is, in part, due to others getting me angry. When I was in sixth grade, I tried to hit someone because they provoked me. I remember the principle of the school I was in at the time having a chat with me. Eventually, I learned to think before I act on my impulses, and to keep an objective view when I get angry or impacient with people.

People also tell me that I have a dry sense of humor, though I don't understand how that is possible. Your sense of humor is simply a way of measuring how funny a person is, and isn't tangible enough to get wet. There's an example of my lame jokes. People tell me I'm sarcastic as well. When I'm joking with someone, I'm usually smiling, so it's difficult for me to prank people. Some people find that activity enjoyable, and I used to find it rather humorous. As I've gotten older, I find that activity is rather ridiculous and unnecessary. Someone once guessed my age to be around twenty-five, but I'm only nineteen as of this posting.

Because of my keen ability to think through emotion, communicate with others, and resolve situations, I often find myself in the middle of problems, attempting to be the person who looks at the problem analitically, describes it to the people having the problem, then attempts to come up with reasonable solutions. In this way, I've mended relationships, settled arguments, and have generally become the voice of reason among my friends. I used to hate solving others problems, but now, I enjoy it. I once spoke with someone who would call me and talk with me about her problems and feelings. Listening to her usually helped her calm and order her mind, but another of my friends likes to hear opinions and suggestions to his problems.

Because of my current experiences with people, I would consider myself a good judge of character. I word it in this way because experiences change, and with them, your thoughts and actions change too.

As computers are the joy of my life, I'm always learning about them. I help many of my friends solve computer problems, and even to this day, the Utah School For The Deaf And Blind still calls me to help resolve problems with their notetakers.

Since I was ten years of age, my career goals have been centered around computer techknology. I wanted to be a programmer at one point, but there are quite a few other jobs to chose from. Technical support, which I'm good at, networking, and I suppose I'm all right with that as well, because I always end up solving our internet difficulties at my house, and many others.

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to send me an e-mail. I check mine at least once a day, so I shouldn't miss anything sent to me. That's all I can think of at the moment, and I've got to study some college work as well. Good days to everyone, and have fun!

Chapter 15: Dawn Seaman's story.
(by dawn seaman, added on 8 April 2009 03:20 PM)

My name is Dawn and I lost my sight when I was 24 years old, the day before completing my german degree. After a severe bump on the head I went into a coma for 1 and a half months which left me totally blind, with severe brain damage on the left side of my brain and also nerve damage down my left side.i think i was very close to death since i had an out of body experience where i saw myself lying in my hospital bed whilst in my coma and also had something which can only be described as a miracle, i saw my guardian angel. i realise this may sound crazy to anyone else out there who cannot see, but the feelings of warmth and comfort and magic i felt could never be replicated.i now have a wonderful guide dog, a white labrador victor who gave me the courage to leave my flat with confidence for the first time since losing my sight, and am also getting married to a wonderful man called ajay, so going blind means i get to have 2 men at once, lucky me!

Chapter 16: Her Name Was Once Eleanor
(by Eleanor, added on 21 July 2013 11:04 AM)

I do now realise that it has been 6 years since anyone has posted a chapter on here. That saddens me: for although we may be creative, we have not been active. Why? Have we lost our touch, as it were?
My name is Ellie. I never go by Eleanor, except on here. I have Retinopathy of Prematurity as some of you do, and I was born at 24 weeks (16 weeks early). I am not sure how my sight went, but I do not remember it. I could never get my sight back because the shock would probably blind me again, and I would have to start from scratch. This may surprise you who is reading this, but I am 13. My language and style of writing is somewhat older because I enjoy writing, spinning words and sentences into something knew. Think about it as a cloth or a quilt.
I go to a school with a VI unit, which is extremely useful. I've found confidence (hopefully not too much of it) and I would just like to say to anyone who is losing their sight: keep fighting. Don't give up. You get so many good experiences from being blind.
I enjoy singing, as well. Recently, I have started to write my own songs. If anyone would like to talk, drop me an email. That's all from me. I hope others post on here like I am doing now. This is such a good way to express our creativity.

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