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Chapter 4: Admition
(by Caitlin, added on 22 July 2004 06:22 PM)

"Mom, Dad," Nathan gasped, his voice rather choked, due to the elctrical pulses. "I ... I tried to--"
"Nathan, is that you?" asked his mom's high, rather piping voice. "Why do you sound so odd?"
"Because," gasped Nathan, as the computer pulsed more electricity into him. "I tried to crack the 90 digit code, and the computer told me to--"
"You shouldn't have been messing with the computer, then, now go fix everything!" shouted his mother resentfully.
"I did, I truly did, I fixed everything, and it's stilll shocking me," Nathan babbled.
"Don't be ridiculous," his mother snorted contemptiously. "The computer knows what it's doing, Nathan. You're just fooling."
"No, Mom, I'm not," Nathan shouted.
"Let me speak to the computer, I'll call you right back," his mom said.
Nathan hung up the phone and threw himself on the floor, where he began to have spasms due to the electrical shocks. THis was not funny anymore.
Several minutes later, Nathan's mother called back.
"Nathan, call the police!" she cried desperately. "The computer has a virus. Our subscription to the Dutwinga Anti-Virus program expired, and I forgot to renew it!"
"But Mom, that's the law, to renew it a month before it expires," howled Nathan.
"I know, I know, but I just forgot," his mother cried. "Listen, Nathan, hang up, and call the police. You may be seriously hurt by the shocks if you don't."
"Okay," Nathan wheezed, and hung up the phone.

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