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Chapter 22: Real World
(by Blake, added on 14 March 2009 05:19 AM)

Regaining consciousness from sleep was slow. As he did so, he noted the alarms blaring around him. He remembered, from his previous awakening in this world, the quiet that seemed to permiate everything, but now, that seemed to be gone. He pulled the I.V. from his arm, then tore the helmet from his head as he stumbled to his feet.

Surrounded by darkness, he didn't panick as he had before. Instead, he listened carefully, trying to determine what was happening. His ears weren't trained to pick out certain sounds from others, however, and the loud alarms were making it difficult to focus. He felt his way to a door, hoping to exit this nightmare. As he flung the door opened, the alarms stopped.

"Malfunction repaired. Commence memory deletion procedure." A cold, mechanical voice said.

He felt cold, metallic hands lift him, then slam him on the bed on which he had been lying. The helmet was reconnected to his brain, and he felt a rather odd tingling sensation. Desperately, he tried to keep hold of consciousness, but it was a useless jesture.

When he woke in the simulation, he only knew one thing. Something, somewhere, was wrong. He only knew this for a moment, however, before the feeling left him. He would never forget that feeling, however, and one day, he would act on it. One day, he would help to free everyone. For now, however, he was blisfully ignerant of what had occurred. For now, he thought the simulation was a reality. After all, if an elusion was your only reality, it was no longer an elusion.

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