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Chapter 2: Cracking the Code
(by Holden, added on 19 July 2004 07:52 AM)

One day while his parents were away, Nathan decided to crack the ninety-digy code. His parents were away on vacation for four days, and so he decided to crack it. But one of the things he didn't know was that his parents had put a rule only the computer knew, and not him. TThey put it so that if he tried hacking it, the compute r would immediately give him one of the random three things to do, and so that was what happened. He sat down at the computer, and tried cracking the code. An alarm alert sound rang in his headphones, and the computer said, "Fix every broken item in your household.? Nathan sat there, stunned. "How can I?" he said. The computer sent an electric jolt thorugh him and that got him up and going. He was fixing stuff in no time.

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