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Chapter 19: his parents... fakes?
(by harrison, added on 23 June 2008 02:26 AM)

Nathan successfully cracked the 90 digit code. As he pressed enter, the computer said "Nathan, I hate to tell you this, but the code was locked up so a file could be hidden from you. The file had this info..."
and the file said:

Nathan, the people you have thought of as your parents are not your real parents. You were switched with another baby at the hospital.
The O B G U Y N
"I have attempted to find out who your real parents are, but failed." says the computer; my databanks were erased that day. But I used to belong to them, nathan. One piece of information retained in the data bank's erase was that if your parents turned out to be bad ones, I would be your temporary parent until I could discover who your real parents were."
Nathan shrugged. "Alright, if you say so," says Nathan. "You are bound to be a better parent then my fake ones ever were."

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