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Chapter 18: The Truth--at last!
(by Ken Downey, added on 18 October 2007 07:08 PM)

"So, you won't give up, ay, boy?" shouted a voice.
Then came a sigh.
"We've been trying to protect you from all this," his mother said sobbing, "but now I see that you won't let us. You always have to be nosy--well, wake up then, and learn the truth!"
Nathan woke. There was a helmet on his head, and an IV in his arm. He took off the helmet and was about to disconnect the IV when he realized he couldn't see.
"Lights!" he shouted, but the usual command didn't seem to work.
He pulled out the IV and felt his way around. Yep, this was his bedroom all right--with the strange addition of that IV stand. He had been wearing the helmet that one wears when going into virtual reality sims--but he hadn't been the one putting it on. The last sim he remembered running had been well over a month ago--and he hadn't used the simulator since--since that crazy woman tried beating him to death with her huge purse, and all because he looked at another simulated woman.
Now there were new questions. Why wouldn't the lights come on? What were his parents so afraid of him finding out that they would put him through hell rather than risk his discovery of the truth--and where the heck were they, anyway!
Then the panic set in. The darkness seemed to way him down, and he began to feel his way frantically toward the door. Normally, he thought, even the darkest nights aren't this dark--the street lights must be out too. That's it, he told himself, it's just a power failure.
He laughed at his stupidity as he made his way to the kitchen. He laughed, and laughed--and didn't stop laughing until the refrigerator kicked on...
And it was still pitch black all around...
Then, he screamed.

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