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Chapter 16: Extermination of Evil
(by James Dean, added on 10 August 2007 10:29 AM)

Nathon Began to gather the essentials that he would need for his trip. He set off on the two mile journey with several choice weapons in his posession. Using the GPS he had brought along with him, he figured out where the best spot would be to attack the wearhouse. He chose a spot 200 yards away, and set up the hackdeath2000 machine, which was the first and only one of its kind. He turned on the machine, and trained it on the center of the wearhouse. He pressed a button, and, Boom! The wearhouse went up in smoke, but not before a very small, black device was detected by Nathan zooming overhead. Nathon tried to blow this device up before it escaped, but the amount of power needed to blow up the wearhouse had rendered the machine temporarily useless until it could power back up again, and by the time it had done so, the black object was gone. Nathon stood there, at a loss for what to do. He had to find that black object, and destroy it. Otherwise, he knew that the entire world would be destroyed.

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