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Chapter 15: George
(by blake, added on 2 November 2006 01:03 AM)

"Nathan, if you do not join me, I will kill you! I swear it! You have seen my power. Exterminating you will be easy!" George screamed in Nathan's headphones.

"George, please give me a little time. I need to think about it." said Nathan.

"Ok, I will give you 30 minutes. In exactly 30 minutes, I will be back for my answer!" roared George.

Nathan knew that he didn't have very much time.

Fortunately for Nathan, technology was more sophisticated than it was 20 years earlier.

John Scholanberg, a prominient inventor, created the Hackfinter. As the name suggested, this device was used to detect and report the geographical location of a hacker.

While Nathan was talking with George, he turned on the Hackfinder. By the time George left Nathan's computer, the Hackfinder had pinpointed George's location.

According to the Hackfinder, George was 2 miles way in an abandoned warehouse.

Nathan knew what he had to do. He had to find George and remove his evil presence. The question was, could Nathan find George and defeat him?

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