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Chapter 14: To accept or not to accept...?
(by alison, added on 8 October 2006 03:45 AM)

Painstakingly, Nathan got to his feet, swayed, and leaned against the computer desk for support. George's voice was laughing in the background. Nathan hobbled weakly over to the kitchen and retreaved a wash cloth. This he dampened and applied to his shoulder. It sent a jolt of pain through his body. He gritted his teeth against the pain and walked back to the computer desk. "There's a catch, is there not?" Asked Nathan. "There always is."
A beam of energy lanced inches to the right of Nathan's hand, incinerating a table behind him. He jumped.
"There is a catch," Replied George's voice, issuing now from the computer's speakers. "But I'm not about to tell you it." Another bright energy beam whooshed past the top of Nathan's head, singeing his hair. He stood perfectly still as a tiny hole appeared in the wall behind him.
"What will you do, If I don't help you?" Asked Nathan hesitantly. He ducked as a stronger, thicker beam shot toward the wound on his shoulder. Later, he was bitterly to regret this action.

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