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Chapter 13: the threats grow worse
(by Demarco Aers, added on 3 October 2006 05:15 PM)

Before bed, naython decided to log back on to his instant messenger, TO see if george was still there, and sure enough, he was. "Well", said george, "Have you decided?" "I still don't want any part of this", nathon wrote back. Help," cried the computer, I am being accessed externally. Aaaaahhhhhh! Suddenly a hair thin beam of energy lanced from the moniter striking Naython's shoulder and burning nearly through it. This is a small taste of my power, spat George, his voice, with a mechanical backdrop now issuing from the headphones. Naython now lay on the floor, holding his shoulder and moaning in agony. I'm sorry howled the computer. I'm sorry. Get up, barked george, his voice now issuing from the surround sound system hooked to the tv, that's right, I see you. Get up! Answer me, and answer me now! You know the answer I want, either join me or there won't be enough of the gooey mass I melt you into to put in a drinking glass for your parrents when they do get out of jail.

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