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Chapter 11: Nathan's conflict
(by blake, added on 17 September 2006 05:36 PM)

After a moment's thought, Nathan's fingers sped across the keyboard.

"George, I am not interested in your information. The Anti-Hacking Act of 2020 says that hacking into computer systems will result in 60 years in jail. I don't want that!" typed Nathan.

"Very well. It's your life. How about something less dangerous?" scrolled across Nathan's screen.

"Like what?" asked Nathan.

"How about if I send false information to the jail computer saying that you are a guard who was recently hired? That way, you can at least see your parents." said George.

Nathan sat back in his chair, brow furrowed in thought. That sounded like a good idea. However, the Misinformation Act of 2015 says that sending false personal information to computers is illegal and can result in 15 years in jail. Nathan wonder what was more important: the chance to see his parents or the possibility of getting caught breaking the law?

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