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Chapter 1: Computers, Cool, Yet Annoying
(by James Dean, added on 15 July 2004 11:43 PM)

"Ok now! I'm so darn tired of this whole world being run by computers! I can't take it anymore!" Naython raged in disgust one afternoon. The year was 2082, and by that time, every thing in the whole world was run by these machines so cleverly called computers. Naython loved computers because they made his life a whole lot easier, but every once in a while, they just got to be way too much to handle. Computers did everything, they did all his homework if he asked them to, they cooked any type of food he wanted, he could even shop on the internet for allmost any groceries that he needed, and he could charge them to his mother's credit card, but the one and only thing that Naython didn't like about computers was that they acted as his parents when ever his real parents were away. This would have been just fine with Naython, except that when his parents left, they put a set of rules in the computer's memmory that it was suppose to follow, and they put a ninety-digit pass code on it so that Naython couldn't change the rules. The problem was that Naython hadn't as of yet managed to crack the pass code. The thing that Naython really didn't like about having the computer as his vertual parent was the fact that if he didn't follow its rules exactly, it would call his parents where ever they were, and in this mechanical voice, it would tell them what rule Naython had disobeyed, and ask what they wanted to do about it. Then his parents would decide the punishment, and if Naython tried to escape the punishment, the vertual parent would force him to do one of three things. A: it would force him to clean the entire house from top to bottom. It would force him to do this by giving him semi-powerfull electric shocks if he stopped for more than five minutes.
B: it would make him organize his father's collection of fifty-thousand stamps, but not just put them in A-B-C order, but color-code them and turn all of them right-side-up, and all kinds of other things.
C: it would force him to go around the house and repair every broken thing, whether it be pipes, broken dishes, or household appliances. Sometimes though, as a recourse, it would use its mechanical hands to tickel him with electrical pulses until he wet his pants. Usually though, Naython was a good boy, except for the time that he did something so bad, that it forced his parents to come home and save the situation.

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