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Chapter 9: Accusation
(by blake, added on 13 March 2006 03:06 AM)

"I don't understand. My parents did not put the Trojan on the computer. Why do they have to go to jail?" questioned Nathan.

"Well, our Computer Security team searched the computer." said a police officer standing in the hospital room.

"and?" asked Nathan.

"We found spyware on the computer. Apparently, your parents agreed to download and install the Spyout program. As you may know, this program monitors all activities of the computer and forces the computer to download trojans to disrupt regular computing activities. The law says that downloading and installing any form of spyware is illegal." said the officer.

"I see. When can I leave the hospital." Nathan asked the nurse.

"You may leave in a couple days." the nurse said.

When Nathan was allowed to leave, he raced home. The first thing he did after entering the house was to turn on the computer.

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