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Chapter 23: New life?
(by Blake Tracy, added on 15 April 2012 05:26 AM)

He was in his new room, searching wickapedia for more information on his real parents' work. He was, to say the least, fascinated. It seemed a very intriguing job. He wanted it. He wanted to take part in it. He wanted his father to teach him.

"Mom, dad?" he said as he walked into the kitchen where his parents were sitting atthe table, watching the computer cook dinner, and chatting idly. "Will you teach me your work?" he asked.

"Of course, Nathan!" said his mother, grinning. she looked proud. "After we eat, you will build your first computer. We'll start small; a voice-activated toaster or a kids' toy."

"That would be great, Mom. I am... I..."

And he fell into unconsciousness.

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