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Chapter 21: Reunion
(by Kimberly manning , added on 13 October 2008 02:32 AM)

In a small office deep within Luna City, a man and woman sat astonished before a tiny monitor.

"I don't believe it," the woman gasped after reading the records she and her husband had received concerning there son.

"where is the other boy," asked the man, "the one our son was exchanged with?"
"From what I could obtain, he was sold to a labratory for tissue studies. He never lived. The deal was made with Dr. Whitman, whom you know quite well. They needed a living son, so they took yours, doing Whitman a favor." explained the computer.
Nathan was packed and ready to go. he was excited about meeting his real parents. The computer was traveling with him. He stepped outside just as a strange craft appeared. A man and woman waved from the cockpit. He scanned his parents with the "eyes" a small triangular scanner he took everywhere with him sense he'd found it three days ago. He ran into their waiting embrace.
I don't need to tell you how the reunion went. there were many huggs and kisses, and a lot of talking on the way back to Luna city. He learned about the work his parents were involved in, concerning the "reality" of things, the probable and improbable. He was told that he to could join in this work if he wished. he smiled and promised to think about it.

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