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Chapter 10: Evil Beckons
(by blake, added on 7 May 2006 10:30 PM)

"Hi, Nathan." said the voice of the computer.

"Hi, computer. I understand that you had some nasty programs loaded which caused you to malfunction." said Nathan.

"Ah, yes. But, I am fixed now. Oh, by the way, you have an incoming message. Do you want to read it?" asked the computer.

Nathan was not expecting an instant message. However, he agreed to read it.

"Hi, Nathan. My name is George. I understand that your parents are in jail, is that correct?" scrolled the message across the screen.

"Yes." nathan replied.

"Well, I have a way to get them out of jail. It involves hacking into the government computer and changing the law. Do you want more information?" questioned George.

Nathan did not know what to do. He knew that hacking was wrong and that he could go to jail for doing it. However, Nathan did want his parents to come home. Nathan wondered what he should do.

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