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Chapter 1: Computers, Cool, Yet Annoying
(by James Dean, added on 15 July 2004 11:43 PM)

"Ok now! I'm so darn tired of this whole world being run by computers! I can't take it anymore!" Naython raged in disgust one afternoon. The year was 2082, and by that time, every thing in the whole world was run by these machines so cleverly called computers. Naython loved computers because they made his life a whole lot easier, but every once in a while, they just got to be way too much to handle. Computers did everything, they did all his homework if he asked them to, they cooked any type of food he wanted, he could even shop on the internet for allmost any groceries that he needed, and he could charge them to his mother's credit card, but the one and only thing that Naython didn't like about computers was that they acted as his parents when ever his real parents were away. This would have been just fine with Naython, except that when his parents left, they put a set of rules in the computer's memmory that it was suppose to follow, and they put a ninety-digit pass code on it so that Naython couldn't change the rules. The problem was that Naython hadn't as of yet managed to crack the pass code. The thing that Naython really didn't like about having the computer as his vertual parent was the fact that if he didn't follow its rules exactly, it would call his parents where ever they were, and in this mechanical voice, it would tell them what rule Naython had disobeyed, and ask what they wanted to do about it. Then his parents would decide the punishment, and if Naython tried to escape the punishment, the vertual parent would force him to do one of three things. A: it would force him to clean the entire house from top to bottom. It would force him to do this by giving him semi-powerfull electric shocks if he stopped for more than five minutes.
B: it would make him organize his father's collection of fifty-thousand stamps, but not just put them in A-B-C order, but color-code them and turn all of them right-side-up, and all kinds of other things.
C: it would force him to go around the house and repair every broken thing, whether it be pipes, broken dishes, or household appliances. Sometimes though, as a recourse, it would use its mechanical hands to tickel him with electrical pulses until he wet his pants. Usually though, Naython was a good boy, except for the time that he did something so bad, that it forced his parents to come home and save the situation.

Chapter 2: Cracking the Code
(by Holden, added on 19 July 2004 07:52 AM)

One day while his parents were away, Nathan decided to crack the ninety-digy code. His parents were away on vacation for four days, and so he decided to crack it. But one of the things he didn't know was that his parents had put a rule only the computer knew, and not him. TThey put it so that if he tried hacking it, the compute r would immediately give him one of the random three things to do, and so that was what happened. He sat down at the computer, and tried cracking the code. An alarm alert sound rang in his headphones, and the computer said, "Fix every broken item in your household.? Nathan sat there, stunned. "How can I?" he said. The computer sent an electric jolt thorugh him and that got him up and going. He was fixing stuff in no time.

Chapter 3: Scary Situation
(by James Dean, added on 20 July 2004 05:03 PM)

As Naython was running around fixing all the broken items in his house, he realized that something was terribly wrong. The computer was still telling him to fix every broken item in his house, and, worst of all, it was still sending him electrical pulses witch grew faster and harder with each one! "Uh oh!" Cried Naython in panic! "This could kill me! Hate to do it, but time to call mom and dad!"

Chapter 4: Admition
(by Caitlin, added on 22 July 2004 06:22 PM)

"Mom, Dad," Nathan gasped, his voice rather choked, due to the elctrical pulses. "I ... I tried to--"
"Nathan, is that you?" asked his mom's high, rather piping voice. "Why do you sound so odd?"
"Because," gasped Nathan, as the computer pulsed more electricity into him. "I tried to crack the 90 digit code, and the computer told me to--"
"You shouldn't have been messing with the computer, then, now go fix everything!" shouted his mother resentfully.
"I did, I truly did, I fixed everything, and it's stilll shocking me," Nathan babbled.
"Don't be ridiculous," his mother snorted contemptiously. "The computer knows what it's doing, Nathan. You're just fooling."
"No, Mom, I'm not," Nathan shouted.
"Let me speak to the computer, I'll call you right back," his mom said.
Nathan hung up the phone and threw himself on the floor, where he began to have spasms due to the electrical shocks. THis was not funny anymore.
Several minutes later, Nathan's mother called back.
"Nathan, call the police!" she cried desperately. "The computer has a virus. Our subscription to the Dutwinga Anti-Virus program expired, and I forgot to renew it!"
"But Mom, that's the law, to renew it a month before it expires," howled Nathan.
"I know, I know, but I just forgot," his mother cried. "Listen, Nathan, hang up, and call the police. You may be seriously hurt by the shocks if you don't."
"Okay," Nathan wheezed, and hung up the phone.

Chapter 5: Calling the police
(by Alison, added on 19 August 2004 03:42 PM)

nathan hung up the phone, and dialed nine one one.
"how may I help you?" said a female voice on the other end of the line.
"Computer... has a virus... being shocked... come quick..." Nathan gasped, still being shocked by the computer.
"Slow down."
"My... computer... has a virus... it's... shocking me... come quickly..."
Nathan was growing weaker by the minute, he hoped, hoped that the police would come soon.

Chapter 6: Fighjting the Computer
(by Caitlin, added on 19 August 2004 09:51 PM)

Police flooded the house within seconds and began fighting the computer. Paramedics raced over to Nathan, who was lying, silent and unmoving, beside the phone, its cord would around his arm like a snake.
"Is he okay?" demanded the head officer, on his way to the computer.
"I don't know, sir," responded the head medic.
The officer nodded seriously. "His parents will have to go to court for not renewing that virus subscription. That's the law. They will be charged with mistreatment of this child, irresponsibility and I bet they'll throw stuff in about not being an adequate guardian."
"Yes, sir," acknowledged the medic solemnly.
The head officer entered the computer room.
He looked around and gasped.
His fellow officers lay on the floor, equipment for shutting down and destroying the poisoned computer lying all around them.
They were all being shocked fiercely, and it appeared that it was definitely doing damage, and fast.

Chapter 7: death of the virus
(by blake, added on 5 March 2006 10:20 PM)

Before the computer could shock him, the head officer forced open the cd-rom drive and inserted avx antivirus. The computer said, "Another antivirus program has been detected. Do you wish to uninstall it before proceeding?"

The officer chose the "yes" button" AVX then installed.

The officer ran a scan of the computer.

"Warning!" the computer exclaimed. "the trojan trojshock.a has been detected. Do you wish to remove it?" the computer said.

The officer answered "Yes!" into the computer's microphone.
"Trojan has been removed. Please reboot." the computer said.

Immediately after the trojan was removed, Nathan stopped being shocked by the computer.

After it rebooted, the computer said, "Nathan, I am sorry I shocked you. I did not do it intentally. In order to prevent such problems in the future, please keep AVX updated. It is free, so the subscription will never run out."

The head officer than called Nathan's parents. He told hem that their son was all right. He also passed on the message the computer gave after bootup.

Everyone was satisfied and vowed to always use up-to-date antivirus software on their computers.

Chapter 8: Awakening
(by jennifer palmer, added on 9 March 2006 06:02 AM)

Nathan woke up he was in the hospital and someone was sitting near by. "Doctor," a woman's voice called "He's awake." A doctor came in "Hi Nathan I see you're awake how do you feel?" "I feel ok, are my parents here?" "No, there in jail you know the law unfortunately they had to be charged with there crime they mistreated you and you will have to go to a foster home or some sort of placement like that.

Chapter 9: Accusation
(by blake, added on 13 March 2006 03:06 AM)

"I don't understand. My parents did not put the Trojan on the computer. Why do they have to go to jail?" questioned Nathan.

"Well, our Computer Security team searched the computer." said a police officer standing in the hospital room.

"and?" asked Nathan.

"We found spyware on the computer. Apparently, your parents agreed to download and install the Spyout program. As you may know, this program monitors all activities of the computer and forces the computer to download trojans to disrupt regular computing activities. The law says that downloading and installing any form of spyware is illegal." said the officer.

"I see. When can I leave the hospital." Nathan asked the nurse.

"You may leave in a couple days." the nurse said.

When Nathan was allowed to leave, he raced home. The first thing he did after entering the house was to turn on the computer.

Chapter 10: Evil Beckons
(by blake, added on 7 May 2006 10:30 PM)

"Hi, Nathan." said the voice of the computer.

"Hi, computer. I understand that you had some nasty programs loaded which caused you to malfunction." said Nathan.

"Ah, yes. But, I am fixed now. Oh, by the way, you have an incoming message. Do you want to read it?" asked the computer.

Nathan was not expecting an instant message. However, he agreed to read it.

"Hi, Nathan. My name is George. I understand that your parents are in jail, is that correct?" scrolled the message across the screen.

"Yes." nathan replied.

"Well, I have a way to get them out of jail. It involves hacking into the government computer and changing the law. Do you want more information?" questioned George.

Nathan did not know what to do. He knew that hacking was wrong and that he could go to jail for doing it. However, Nathan did want his parents to come home. Nathan wondered what he should do.

Chapter 11: Nathan's conflict
(by blake, added on 17 September 2006 05:36 PM)

After a moment's thought, Nathan's fingers sped across the keyboard.

"George, I am not interested in your information. The Anti-Hacking Act of 2020 says that hacking into computer systems will result in 60 years in jail. I don't want that!" typed Nathan.

"Very well. It's your life. How about something less dangerous?" scrolled across Nathan's screen.

"Like what?" asked Nathan.

"How about if I send false information to the jail computer saying that you are a guard who was recently hired? That way, you can at least see your parents." said George.

Nathan sat back in his chair, brow furrowed in thought. That sounded like a good idea. However, the Misinformation Act of 2015 says that sending false personal information to computers is illegal and can result in 15 years in jail. Nathan wonder what was more important: the chance to see his parents or the possibility of getting caught breaking the law?

Chapter 12: a sticky situation
(by alison, added on 23 September 2006 05:12 PM)

Nathan didn't quite know what to do. On one hand, he could see his parents again. Doubtless, that would be a good thing. But on the other hand, he might get put into jail with them for breaking the law. That wouldn't be so good. After a moment of thought, he typed back to George, "No, I don't accept either one of your offers." The message that was sent back to him was one that Nathan didn't like. "Fine. But know this, Nathan: I have access to every computer in the world. I have access to every virus ever created. You can change your answer, within the next two days. It's your choice."
Nathan, shocked, signed off instant messenger. This was not good. Not good at all. And if George had access to everything he said he did, he couldn't even go to the police for help. He wouldhave to fix this on his own.

Chapter 13: the threats grow worse
(by Demarco Aers, added on 3 October 2006 05:15 PM)

Before bed, naython decided to log back on to his instant messenger, TO see if george was still there, and sure enough, he was. "Well", said george, "Have you decided?" "I still don't want any part of this", nathon wrote back. Help," cried the computer, I am being accessed externally. Aaaaahhhhhh! Suddenly a hair thin beam of energy lanced from the moniter striking Naython's shoulder and burning nearly through it. This is a small taste of my power, spat George, his voice, with a mechanical backdrop now issuing from the headphones. Naython now lay on the floor, holding his shoulder and moaning in agony. I'm sorry howled the computer. I'm sorry. Get up, barked george, his voice now issuing from the surround sound system hooked to the tv, that's right, I see you. Get up! Answer me, and answer me now! You know the answer I want, either join me or there won't be enough of the gooey mass I melt you into to put in a drinking glass for your parrents when they do get out of jail.

Chapter 14: To accept or not to accept...?
(by alison, added on 8 October 2006 03:45 AM)

Painstakingly, Nathan got to his feet, swayed, and leaned against the computer desk for support. George's voice was laughing in the background. Nathan hobbled weakly over to the kitchen and retreaved a wash cloth. This he dampened and applied to his shoulder. It sent a jolt of pain through his body. He gritted his teeth against the pain and walked back to the computer desk. "There's a catch, is there not?" Asked Nathan. "There always is."
A beam of energy lanced inches to the right of Nathan's hand, incinerating a table behind him. He jumped.
"There is a catch," Replied George's voice, issuing now from the computer's speakers. "But I'm not about to tell you it." Another bright energy beam whooshed past the top of Nathan's head, singeing his hair. He stood perfectly still as a tiny hole appeared in the wall behind him.
"What will you do, If I don't help you?" Asked Nathan hesitantly. He ducked as a stronger, thicker beam shot toward the wound on his shoulder. Later, he was bitterly to regret this action.

Chapter 15: George
(by blake, added on 2 November 2006 01:03 AM)

"Nathan, if you do not join me, I will kill you! I swear it! You have seen my power. Exterminating you will be easy!" George screamed in Nathan's headphones.

"George, please give me a little time. I need to think about it." said Nathan.

"Ok, I will give you 30 minutes. In exactly 30 minutes, I will be back for my answer!" roared George.

Nathan knew that he didn't have very much time.

Fortunately for Nathan, technology was more sophisticated than it was 20 years earlier.

John Scholanberg, a prominient inventor, created the Hackfinter. As the name suggested, this device was used to detect and report the geographical location of a hacker.

While Nathan was talking with George, he turned on the Hackfinder. By the time George left Nathan's computer, the Hackfinder had pinpointed George's location.

According to the Hackfinder, George was 2 miles way in an abandoned warehouse.

Nathan knew what he had to do. He had to find George and remove his evil presence. The question was, could Nathan find George and defeat him?

Chapter 16: Extermination of Evil
(by James Dean, added on 10 August 2007 10:29 AM)

Nathon Began to gather the essentials that he would need for his trip. He set off on the two mile journey with several choice weapons in his posession. Using the GPS he had brought along with him, he figured out where the best spot would be to attack the wearhouse. He chose a spot 200 yards away, and set up the hackdeath2000 machine, which was the first and only one of its kind. He turned on the machine, and trained it on the center of the wearhouse. He pressed a button, and, Boom! The wearhouse went up in smoke, but not before a very small, black device was detected by Nathan zooming overhead. Nathon tried to blow this device up before it escaped, but the amount of power needed to blow up the wearhouse had rendered the machine temporarily useless until it could power back up again, and by the time it had done so, the black object was gone. Nathon stood there, at a loss for what to do. He had to find that black object, and destroy it. Otherwise, he knew that the entire world would be destroyed.

Chapter 17: From the Frying Pan
(by Ken Downey, added on 5 September 2007 09:41 AM)

The Hackfinder had one more feature that Nathan could use, a GPS tracker. Since the little black box was the last thing he had seen with the Hackfinder, it locked on with the click of a button, and now Nathan, running back to his house, punched the correct key code into his dad's enhanced Hover 'round. It took off at such speed that Nathan was nearly thrown out, but, clutching at the armrests for dear life, he began to drive.
The Hackfinder was ready to go again, so he aimed at the black box, which was a small speck in the distance but was, the machine told him, the very thing he wanted.
He pressed the button.
There was a blinding flash and a noise that sounded suspiciously like a fart.
Nathan found himself in bed, being violently shaken.
"Get up, boy!" his dad shouted, louder than ever he had shouted at his son.
"I really hope," said his mother, "that you have learned your lesson. If you try hacking our code again, the VR sim will be far more intense--including the shocks."
As she said this, a beam of blue light bathed Nathan, and the pain was so intense that he screamed--and then passed out.
When he woke up, he thought about all he had been through. This didn't sound like something his parents would do--even the worst shock he'd been given before was little more than a tickle--nothing like the mind-blasting series of jolts that had just put him under--so what was going on? Was this still part of the virus? Was he in a virtual reality sim--or was it all real? Were his parents really so mad at him that they would do worse to him than they already seemed to have?
There was only one way to find out. Nathan looked for his parents everywhere, but he couldn't find them. Then, he did the only thing he could do--he got on the computer, and after scanning for viruses and spyware and finding his machine clean, he began to try cracking his parents' 90-digit code once again.

Chapter 18: The Truth--at last!
(by Ken Downey, added on 18 October 2007 07:08 PM)

"So, you won't give up, ay, boy?" shouted a voice.
Then came a sigh.
"We've been trying to protect you from all this," his mother said sobbing, "but now I see that you won't let us. You always have to be nosy--well, wake up then, and learn the truth!"
Nathan woke. There was a helmet on his head, and an IV in his arm. He took off the helmet and was about to disconnect the IV when he realized he couldn't see.
"Lights!" he shouted, but the usual command didn't seem to work.
He pulled out the IV and felt his way around. Yep, this was his bedroom all right--with the strange addition of that IV stand. He had been wearing the helmet that one wears when going into virtual reality sims--but he hadn't been the one putting it on. The last sim he remembered running had been well over a month ago--and he hadn't used the simulator since--since that crazy woman tried beating him to death with her huge purse, and all because he looked at another simulated woman.
Now there were new questions. Why wouldn't the lights come on? What were his parents so afraid of him finding out that they would put him through hell rather than risk his discovery of the truth--and where the heck were they, anyway!
Then the panic set in. The darkness seemed to way him down, and he began to feel his way frantically toward the door. Normally, he thought, even the darkest nights aren't this dark--the street lights must be out too. That's it, he told himself, it's just a power failure.
He laughed at his stupidity as he made his way to the kitchen. He laughed, and laughed--and didn't stop laughing until the refrigerator kicked on...
And it was still pitch black all around...
Then, he screamed.

Chapter 19: his parents... fakes?
(by harrison, added on 23 June 2008 02:26 AM)

Nathan successfully cracked the 90 digit code. As he pressed enter, the computer said "Nathan, I hate to tell you this, but the code was locked up so a file could be hidden from you. The file had this info..."
and the file said:

Nathan, the people you have thought of as your parents are not your real parents. You were switched with another baby at the hospital.
The O B G U Y N
"I have attempted to find out who your real parents are, but failed." says the computer; my databanks were erased that day. But I used to belong to them, nathan. One piece of information retained in the data bank's erase was that if your parents turned out to be bad ones, I would be your temporary parent until I could discover who your real parents were."
Nathan shrugged. "Alright, if you say so," says Nathan. "You are bound to be a better parent then my fake ones ever were."

Chapter 20: The Computer
(by Kimberly manning , added on 13 October 2008 02:12 AM)

The computer monitored Nathan's vital signs as he slept. The boy's parents were nearly located. Soon all of this would be over. Soon the computer could go back to it's normal duties, not that it was all that bad being a virtual guardian, but the computer wasn't designed for that task.

Suddenly a green light appeared on the screen. A face appeared on the monitor.

Chapter 21: Reunion
(by Kimberly manning , added on 13 October 2008 02:32 AM)

In a small office deep within Luna City, a man and woman sat astonished before a tiny monitor.

"I don't believe it," the woman gasped after reading the records she and her husband had received concerning there son.

"where is the other boy," asked the man, "the one our son was exchanged with?"
"From what I could obtain, he was sold to a labratory for tissue studies. He never lived. The deal was made with Dr. Whitman, whom you know quite well. They needed a living son, so they took yours, doing Whitman a favor." explained the computer.
Nathan was packed and ready to go. he was excited about meeting his real parents. The computer was traveling with him. He stepped outside just as a strange craft appeared. A man and woman waved from the cockpit. He scanned his parents with the "eyes" a small triangular scanner he took everywhere with him sense he'd found it three days ago. He ran into their waiting embrace.
I don't need to tell you how the reunion went. there were many huggs and kisses, and a lot of talking on the way back to Luna city. He learned about the work his parents were involved in, concerning the "reality" of things, the probable and improbable. He was told that he to could join in this work if he wished. he smiled and promised to think about it.

Chapter 22: Real World
(by Blake, added on 14 March 2009 05:19 AM)

Regaining consciousness from sleep was slow. As he did so, he noted the alarms blaring around him. He remembered, from his previous awakening in this world, the quiet that seemed to permiate everything, but now, that seemed to be gone. He pulled the I.V. from his arm, then tore the helmet from his head as he stumbled to his feet.

Surrounded by darkness, he didn't panick as he had before. Instead, he listened carefully, trying to determine what was happening. His ears weren't trained to pick out certain sounds from others, however, and the loud alarms were making it difficult to focus. He felt his way to a door, hoping to exit this nightmare. As he flung the door opened, the alarms stopped.

"Malfunction repaired. Commence memory deletion procedure." A cold, mechanical voice said.

He felt cold, metallic hands lift him, then slam him on the bed on which he had been lying. The helmet was reconnected to his brain, and he felt a rather odd tingling sensation. Desperately, he tried to keep hold of consciousness, but it was a useless jesture.

When he woke in the simulation, he only knew one thing. Something, somewhere, was wrong. He only knew this for a moment, however, before the feeling left him. He would never forget that feeling, however, and one day, he would act on it. One day, he would help to free everyone. For now, however, he was blisfully ignerant of what had occurred. For now, he thought the simulation was a reality. After all, if an elusion was your only reality, it was no longer an elusion.

Chapter 23: New life?
(by Blake Tracy, added on 15 April 2012 05:26 AM)

He was in his new room, searching wickapedia for more information on his real parents' work. He was, to say the least, fascinated. It seemed a very intriguing job. He wanted it. He wanted to take part in it. He wanted his father to teach him.

"Mom, dad?" he said as he walked into the kitchen where his parents were sitting atthe table, watching the computer cook dinner, and chatting idly. "Will you teach me your work?" he asked.

"Of course, Nathan!" said his mother, grinning. she looked proud. "After we eat, you will build your first computer. We'll start small; a voice-activated toaster or a kids' toy."

"That would be great, Mom. I am... I..."

And he fell into unconsciousness.

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